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Ducati 999 - Owner Report

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Re: Ducati 999s reliability

Sean hates Ducatis too every time he tests one he totals it.
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Re: Another great truth espoused by the great KPaul is validated

You summed the ST3 up well. It's hard to keep yourself in check when riding it.

I read one magazine review where they said the ST3 seat was very comfortable and then they put "...(maybe too comfortable?)" I had to laugh out loud. That has to be the first time in the history of Ducati someone questioned one of their motorcycle seats for being "too comfortable".
Ducati reliability? why is it an issue? They don't work as much as the japanese bikes, but they are cool. I raced a 900ss and a 750 monster this year. They were slow, they broke and generally i cussed them a lot. but people loved looking at them in my pit and i liked telling the stories of the various disasters. all in all, i don't get a top 5 plate, i wouldn't no matter what bike i had. but even tho i'm dog slow i got attention and got to laugh about my plight. what could be better?

The 2 valve ducs don't seem to be much trouble, but I was nervous when i was over 300 miles from home on my 748. for a variety of reasons.

u buys a duc u takes yur chances. just don't have it as your onliest bike. you gotta be able to roll it back in the garage, pull out the sv and join your buds.
Dang that was funny. Wish I'd of said it.
Perfect Garage?

Well said.

Actually, does our man Jeremy have it good? 999S when it works, VFR when it doesn't.

OK, three months waiting for your bike to be rewired (!) is too much. But the principle is still good...

one exotic + one workhorse = pretty fine all the time.
I have a 04 with 1800 miles and haven't had any problems. You got a lemon bro. It happens with every brand out there. Service can be a problem with regard to speed of the repair. They will get the job done, but sometimes it takes too long.
Everytime I see a 999 I want to stick a piece of bread in the air ducts because they make the fairing look like a toaster. That's okay, the Multstrada looks like a 1948 Wringer-Washer, from the front.

Thanks but no thanks. If I want to sell my soul to something dressed in red, Saten would probably give me a better deal.
Re: Another great truth espoused by the great KPaul is validated

What is blue ice? Are you refering to electricity?
Bought an early 999 two years ago. Except for the console recall, zero problems. Zippo. None. Would buy it again. Easily
as I've said in a different thread, I bought an 05 999.

I've had it two months? or so...

1,300 really hard miles later and nothing popped off, broke, hiccuped or stopped working.

I am waiting for the clutch to start making horrible noises

and the valves to need adjustment earlier than expected.

ok, I also have harleys so I know the deal.

it's been said before, they're not for everyone.

I'm saving up for the 6000 miles service bill :)

hopefully it'll make it to that milestone.
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Trouble is, it ain't no HarleyFukinDavidson.
Re: Another great truth espoused by the great KPaul is validated

I thought it was pretty funny. JB is a bit down since the election. Just keep the sharp objects away from him for a few years and he will be ok.
FJR is not without problems, unfortunately.

FJR is not without problems, unfortunately. If you check FJR boards, you'll see there is a ticking valve problem. I'm not fully informed on it,as I have a VFR(funny, huh), but Yamaha's solution is questioned by some. I really hope they get a solution to this, as the need for a better two person bike may be in my future.
Re: Another great truth espoused by the great KPaul is validated

I've always thought of Chrysler as a foreign car company, even before they became another face of Mitsubishi.
Great descriptions! I have been trying to come up with an appropriate description for these two lovlies, 999 and strad, and you done done it for me. Thanks. Look at it this way, putting a DNC spin on it, Mr. White hasn't had to worry about the ever so frequent valve adjustments, now has he?
Re: Another great truth espoused by the great KPaul is validated

Frozen poop
I'm sure it is. That's why they only sell 2000 a year. Because it's so fantastic.
Re: Ducati 999s reliability

You confusing tenuous (as in your tenuous grip on reality) with tenacious?
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