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Ducati Announces Price Reductions

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Wow, they still have 2001 Ducatis left over? That's not a good sign. No wonder they've had a revolving door in management there recently.
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They need to work on dealer attitude

I have a friend was considering a 800 monster, but the shop here won't even let you sit on the bikes, much less test ride one.

That and they ignore him whenever he goes in the shop, I guess because he isn't wearing his poser gear.

Its worse than the frigging Harley shop!
OK this is great! Uh, oh...wait- I just bought a 998 at retail. Hmm, $3200 dollars I didn't need to spend. How much "Ducati lifestlye" did that pay for? How much Harley-esque PROFIT is priced into these bikes? Tough times, I guess.
These price reductions are important first steps towards not only sales growth, but also towards our long term goal of making Ducatis more affordable and price competitive in North America, said Michael Lock, CEO of Ducati North America.

Many dealers had already been offering steep discounts on '01 and '02 models subsidized by cash from Ducati N.A. I believe the lower MSRPs replace the dealer cash and free flooring programs that recently expired. Some Ducati stores are also offering great deals on '03 models. Sales of bikes priced over $10,000 (except for H-D) have been slow. Ducati N.A. should be praised for taking the initiative to help clear old stock. I know Ducati dealers would also love to see price reductions on the 999/749. Price resistance is high on the new models.
I know why.

because I bought some of their STOCK a while ago... safe bet in an unsafe market, I said...
In that case...

Could you dump some money into Dell? I could really use a new laptop. :)
Shop problem

I've been to Honda dealers that wouldn't let you sit on the bike. You can't blame Honda or Ducati for buttheaded decesions made by their dealers.
Re: Price Reductions - New bike

I was really considering buying the new 749, but I really can't justify the price difference between it and the latest crop of 600's.

Why would any of you spend the extra $$$$ needed to buy a ducati over a 600? I know it looks great and all, but are there any other reasons that I may not be aware of?

Just curious.
Re: Price Reductions - New bike

The reasons would have nothing to do with actual function and everything to do with the allure of an Italian bike, the sound/feeling of a V-Twin, and other intangible, non-spec sheet related things. And no, I wouldn't buy one- I just can understand why someone else would.
Re: Price Reductions - New bike

I agree, I rode with a guy that had a 748. The sound and looks were everthing. But he is single with no dependents etc. Between my wife, who doesn't work, my two teenage daughters, and a mortgage, I'll settle for a 600. My wife says I am lucky to have it. :)
Re: They need to work on dealer attitude

I would find another shop if you can. That shop's attitude is really short sighted. Seems to me that the more comfrontable a customers feels the better. I have heard good things about Ducati of Seattle i.e. no poofy attitude.
Re: Price Reductions - New bike

You bought your wife that new bike she was wanting yet?
Re: Forget the Ducatis tell us about the head bolts

We still haven't heard about your head bolts JB or was the divorce necessary instead.
Apparently BMW hasn't had a problem selling bikes for more than 10k. See previous article.

HEY SEAN! When do we get to hear about your exploits at Fontana? VWW
And I just bought an RC51...
That first PR paragraph was great. They want make Ducatis more affordable? Did they roll back the prices on '03s?

{Grin.} Looks like they've been taking a page from the Iraqi Minister of Information's playbook.

-- Michael

Re: Price Reductions - New bike

I'm always amazed when people think that raw numbers are the only valid criteria for making a purchase decision. Is it just motorcycles, or do you apply the same logic to clothing, cars, houses, etc.? Hey, I may ride a Ducati but I don't wear leather arm chaps...
BMW is doing the same thing car makers are doing, 0.9% intrest, no payments for 4 mos. no down payments, if they were selling so well they wouldn't be offering incentives. I think the market is tightening up on higher end bikes, with tough economic times it's hard to justify large price differances between comparable bikes. look at the v-rod / warrior test. $7000 differance in price for basically the same performance and style, you can carry that along almost any make and model, the Japanese have a comparable product for thousands less. thats why Ducati is lowering prices and why BMW is offering incentives out the yazz and why HD dealers are selling at or close to MSRP with full model lines on the showroom.
Re: Price Reductions - New bike

I' not considering just raw numbers at all. In fact, I have a Duc (albeit an older model) and I'm very fond of it and it's.... err.... character.

I'm just wondering where, if at all, the Duc would surpass the Jap 600's that are on offer. And if it does, is it to the tune of a several thousand dollars?

Comfort, track use, urban drivability, medium distance hauls, performance, build quality, etc ... I'm considering all those factors, and yet I can't give the nod to the 749 on any of these apart from "looks"

I really want the 749, but I don't knwo why. Can someone do the justifying for me?
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