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Ducati Delivers Number 1,000 of the 1098.

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I used to be the Finance Mgr there. Bunch of great guys. Test rides on most everything they sell. Go by and talk to Alex. Tell 'em Kirk sent you.

Ask how Marty likes his S. And don't forget the Termi exhaust.
R.I.P V-Twin. (snicker)

Don't see them in racing do you kwrong (seruzawa).. The GMP has correctly predicted again.. Don't twist the GMP's words..
How many miles did you ride this weekend? zero I bet..
That Troy Bayliss guy must be riding a 12 cylinder.
dang, $3.49 for reg'lar in the OC this weekend. Hmmm...
Don't forget Larry Pergam and what's hiz name on the other AMA 748.
$2.79 in the ME. I'm paying a whole extra fifty cents for my commute compared to six months ago. Time to give up a snack cake every other day.
Well finishing first in a World Superbike race isn't racing!

And, what's up with all the other I4s? They're no more competitive than Ducati was last year in AMA superbike.

Is Suzuki that much better? Can't the factory Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki teams be anything more than glorified backmarkers?
The national average per gallon cost will be so much better when kalifornia falls into the ocean. Lots of other myriad problems sloved as well.
Re: kwrong

And look how it's killing sales...
748 is not in production right...:) Check Mate :) Baylis is riding a non production bike as well Check Mate again..
rejoice that you live in the states. here in vienna, gas is $1.72 per liter.

that makes $6.51 per gallon by today's exchange rate. wonder vespas are so popular here...
darn redstater.. Arnold for president!
Well there is your problem: Everybody knows that you save money by buying in bulk (just look at all the Sam's Club and Costco stores out there!). You are all buying it in them itty-bitty Liters. Here in the US, we usually measure it by the SUV-full (about 40 gallons).

Europeans should get themselves more Super-Useless Vehicles that hold more fuel, and just watch the Savings roll in.........
Re: kwrong

It's a great street bike.. and I predicted it's creation i.e. the GMP said the 999 would be short-lived..I agree but it's not racing..anywhere.
What a dumbf*cker, for $24,999 he might have been able to get a real bike like one of them Choppers like on TV.

I guess Kerry was right, if you don't have enough sense to get an education you wind up in the army in Iraq.
Reality check: Gas prices indexed for inflation since 1980 comes to about $3.25 per gallon.
1 - 20 of 128 Posts
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