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Ducati Delivers Number 1,000 of the 1098.

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Well there is your problem: Everybody knows that you save money by buying in bulk (just look at all the Sam's Club and Costco stores out there!). You are all buying it in them itty-bitty Liters. Here in the US, we usually measure it by the SUV-full (about 40 gallons).

Europeans should get themselves more Super-Useless Vehicles that hold more fuel, and just watch the Savings roll in.........
Now he's a Native Californian!
Re: I must be GMP-II

Well Holmes, it is now Time to Put Up or you can Shut The Fukc Up.
Re: Don't worry this practice JB

I am rubba' you is glue.....

Nanny-nanny Boo-Boo!!!
Re: I must be GMP-II

Can't - socko sez they ain't made no more. If socko sez it is so, then they is just gonna hafta set fire to th' Brewery or sumptin'.
Which days to you get the sock, jb?

Is it like a bad-marriage gone wrong, and the parents fightin' over the kids, just to get back at one-another?
Re: Don't worry this practice JB

Yeah, I expect Zero-Response from my picture-posting. Or at the most some kind of feeble excuse like: "kwhupped-my-ass, ksmacks-me-around, and kbeats-me-like-a-redhead-stepchild didn't post THEIRS, so I'm not gonna nyah-nyah-nyah..........."
Re: Rember these facts about kpaul Buz

"kpaul only fires when ignored at. kpaul makes himself look like an idiot when he is called an idiot.. kpaul always fibs then forgets.."

Y'know, I'm gettin' tired of correcting your posts here, socko.

Soon-enough, I'm gonna just let your socko-masters sink or swim. And I don't think they can get by with just water-wings.........
Re: knames

And still no answer (positive or negative) to the challenge he threw-down.

Looks like another bench-press contest.
Re: ksparrow becomes kchicken now becomes knat

I sincerely doubt you've ever been anywhere near an AFB.

Let me tell a little secret: You are a LIAR, and YOU know it (and now, it seems, so do I).

Two Weeks ago, I had to obtain my Dad's DD-214 and Military Records. I got a 14-page document, signed and notarized. I just received it in the mail yesterday, along with another document pertaining to a request through the FOIA about a certain OTHER person.

As this is all paid-for by your tax-dollars as a service to the community.

Guess what that document tells me.
Re: I must be GMP-II

Hmmn. Seems even though I had logged-off, my home crapbox retained a cookie as if I were still logged-in. All that got incorporated into the Links.

Picture One

Picture Two

Picture Three

Sorry 'bout dat, socko. I really wanted you to get the full-effect, you Tool.
Re: knat...

Why not really go all-out with the lie, and say you've got one of those new smarmy 29" high-res LCD widescreens?
Re: knat...

The better to view them with.


I wrote-out a longer dissertation earlier, but MO's server ate it.

I actually have Four of them.

The '89 Red is my first Hawk, so-named by a friend after he witnessed a short "off-highway excursion" involving a concrete culvert, a median, and the Guiding-Spirit of Evel Knievel.

Yes, it was exciting. No Harm, No Foul, No Ambulance, though.

I acquired it from Mark Love, one-time HJC-NA Helmet Distributor. It has had extensive cosmetic-customization done to it, including airbrushed "Hawks" on each side of the tank, chromed engine bits, polished frame, etc. You know - stuff to make it go faster........

It had ~5k (miles) on it when I bought it, now it's got ~24k or so.

The Grey '89 (it's a repaint - originally Red) is my Wife's - we've owned it about a year, it's been modified to better-fit her 5' 1-1/2" body. It's got ~37k on the clocks, but I don't believe that's the odo that came on the bike. I don't remember what the mileage said when we bought it.

I've also got an '88 Projekt Hawk in pieces; the rumbly-bits have got off to J.D. Hord to be bored (just to keep myself from being so) and massaged in order to wake up the Horses (and mebbe the neighbours). The rest of it is here, there, some of it's over there......... This bike has been dubbed the "Psycho-Billy Hawk" (after the Johnny Cash song One Piece at a Time; that's how I've "collected" it).

I don't yet know what colour it will become. I'm somewhat partial to the Roulette Green of the Speed Triples.

I just recently acquired another lightly-crashed '88 Blue: It might become a track bike, or I may just restore it to the street (cosmetic-only damage), I dunno yet.
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Re: ksparrow becomes kchicken now becomes knat

"A DD214 is not 14 pages long.. Sorry I am sure some other non-chickenhawks MOrons can verify that.. dork.."

As others have already pointed-out, I requested (and received) my Father's entire Military Record. Page "2" is his DD-214, page "3" through "14" is his Service Record.

Your current socko-master got a lot of N's in "Reading Comprehension" during gradeschool, didn't he/she?

"Chickenhawk" is not a term used for someone who didn't enter the Military - it's for someone who didn't enter the Military yet CLAIMS to know all about the Military and Military actions, or wrongfully claims to have served.

You should use more care with your labels. I have done none of those things.

And I've always heard those gnats called "dog-dyck-flies", as you usually see them swarming around some mangy-cur's pecker. Hope you didn't inhale too many of them, eh?

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Re: ksparrow becomes kchicken now becomes knat

Yes, and guess who the ammonia-breather is in our Midst.......
Re: You know?

What? You mean you didn't ride to the grocery store? Why, you probably don't even OWN a bike, or know how to ride one, do you?

Re: Thanks kjester

Why not call it a 10-gauge if you're trying to impress people?
Re: ksparrow becomes kchicken now becomes knat

Well, you see, that's where this other piece of paper comes-in: Oh, the fukcing IRONY of The Kook/socko calling ME a "chickenhawk".

If it is NOT a sock-puppet, it's droolin', drinkin' its own pyss, and shytin' on the carpet in-fukcing-sane.

If it IS a sock-puppet, its socko-master needs psychological help in the worst way. Truly.
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