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Ducati Delivers Number 1,000 of the 1098.

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That Troy Bayliss guy must be riding a 12 cylinder.
Well finishing first in a World Superbike race isn't racing!

And, what's up with all the other I4s? They're no more competitive than Ducati was last year in AMA superbike.

Is Suzuki that much better? Can't the factory Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki teams be anything more than glorified backmarkers?
Re: I must be GMP-II

Well I seem to recall a recent post where The Fraud said he was only going to post news articles but not comment.

That lasted for about ten seconds. It looks like the "engineer" puppetmaster has handed the strings over to the "psycho" puppet master.

Soon, we will see the "apologetic" puppet master. All these years helping out MO and I never get to post as Kidiot.
Re: I must be GMP-II

You can't imagine having a motorcycle period.

Oh, and you're the biggest pu$$y on the face of the earth.
Ah jb, he insults everyone, doesn't know ***** about motorcycles and isn't a real person anyway.

We all know you're pulling the strings when he's in depressed mode anyway.
Re: knames

Set a box of Krispy Kremes on your porch. Turn out the lights and hide inside your house. You might have a good chance at seeing Socko.
You know?

I stopped by the grocery store today and when I got out of my truck, two little poodles in the car next to me started furiously barking and scratching at the window. I walked over to the window and they retreated to the other side of the car.

It struck me as the perfect image of Socko. He yaps and gets in your face and then when he's called out, he runs like a little poodle.

Re: You know?

Well it was raining this morning and you can't trust San Diegans in the rain. Two sprinkles and the number of traffic accidents triples.
1 - 9 of 128 Posts
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