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Ducati Delivers Number 1,000 of the 1098.

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Re: I must be GMP-II

The last thing we need is another person with his account password. It's bad enough already.
Re: I must be GMP-II

Actually, strangely, my bike doesn't notice the grates at all. I ride over both the montlake and roosevelt bridge all the time and never a swivle. My friend's virago feels like it's about to leap off the bridge; it's the most exciting that bike ever feels. My old ninja did too. I think it's just the tread pattern on the tires.
Re: I must be GMP-II

Classic commercial, Ranier always had good ones.

They don't make the stuff anymore, Socko wasn't lying about that.

Here's my 2nd favorite Rainier commercial

rainier frogs
Re: ksparrow becomes kchicken now becomes knat

If you were king we'd have an excuse to shoot you.
1 - 4 of 128 Posts
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