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Ducati Delivers Number 1,000 of the 1098.

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Re: kwrong

I see v-twins racing all the time. Looks like another goal post change from the insane chronic liar.

Too bad that another week has gone by and no one has shot him in the head.
non-production as in it's ancient in sport bike terms. I would think that's a bonus, not a hinderance.
Yeah, I pointed that out last year and kook started sputtering about Econ 101 or something.
Re: kwrong

Well, I predicted that too, which makes us two of about a million people who predicted it. That's why you don't see me bragging about it.

And I'm glad to see you admit that racing has f***-all to do with street riding and streetbike sales.
My next door neighbor just pulled out of his garage this morning on a brand spanking new yellow 1098S with Termis. What a beautiful looking and sounding machine.

I could never live with one though.
Now he's a Native Californian!
Isn't it cute how he thinks he's an Iron Butt champion now?

Hey, kook, do you know why nobody but you talks about how many miles he put on some weekend? Because it's routine.
Saw one the other day on the street...

Saw a 1098 on the street and I must say, I was not impressed.

Seems to blend in more with the Japanese crowd if you ask me. The 999 was ugly but there was no mistaking what it was.
You guys are so funny the great kdeciever kwrong

1980-1 was a spike because of the Iran hostages thing go back and look at the data. By August we will easily exceed the all-time high in real terms. Compare apples to apples gents.. like say 1987 Read the truth
Sure it is ....not...
I remember riding my brothers 996 way back when. 10 mintutes and I gave it back never wanting to get back on it. Well it was all I could do to fold up on it in the first place...
OK, Kironbutthead, I'll bite......How many did you do and on what roads? No one else on here knows the So. end like me me so naming them won't mean nothing to them but I'll know what's what.

I didn't do any this weekend myself, we loaded up the kids and went to Ocean Shores for a get-away and to visit my dad. I did 75 miles Friday to work and back, today I'll do it again plus another 25 or so to Tacoma for business so that's a 100 mile day minimum just f*cking around.

How many did you ride today?
I must be GMP-II

I knew this wasn't going to end well.
Re: I must be GMP-II

I just felt like jerking the marionette strings again.
If there's anything as consistent as the sunrise it's the Kook accusing others of his own crimes.
Well, this guy's not a pilot.

I love the way this article implies that this guy is a pilot. Pretty slick on Ducati's part.

You don't have to be a pilot to be the Air Officer, and if you're serving in the Adjutant General's office as a Captain after 15 years, then you're a paper pusher (and likely not a good one).

--The Fox
Nice to hear that the 1000th 1098 went to a home town boy.

Yup, Kirk...I gotta go meet them there fellows. Yes, I do.

After a brief respite - I was , 'er, out west, in a town where most of the vehicles run solely on the sense of their owners smug self-satisfaction - I'm back to see that kBevis - or is that kButthead - is still sadly with us - and still sad.

Alas and alack.
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Larry is running a modified 848. He gets limited factory support for this. The "actual" 848 will be released next spring like the 1098 was this spring. The body work will be identical to the 1098, as it was on the 999/749. Larry had a great FX race over the weekend- Check Soup for that. The issue with Ducati and FIM will go away in about a week. FIM WILL allow (as I have stated as far back as July last year) Ducati to run a 1188 motor for next season as long as Duc gives up all the "special rules/parts" that they currently run. Ducati (also something I stated before Daytona) already said they would do this- as they stated in a press release about 10 days ago.

KP- the twins may be dead but they aren't going away without a fight.

Kirk :)
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