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Ducati Delivers Number 1,000 of the 1098.

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Opps I wasn't talking to you my apologies Mr. Iron Butt..Yes I am a wimp compared to you
You know my insurance agency is so busy that I had to quit ATD. I take off every other weekend now- family thing you know. If you ever want to ride the Loop or get a burger at T.W.O. call me and we'll meet up. My office is right at the Dawson/Forsyth County line. A.C.E. is in the book or ask the guys at BlokesSportBike for my number. Most have my cell.

Kirk ;-)
Just the facts Sir Just the facts.. (Sgt. Friday voice)
...for a while i was considering getting a white 2007 expedition, but decided against it, due to the fact that every time i would stop at a light, seven or eight austrians would probably try to get in - thinking that it was a bus line.

then again, charging fare might offset the $280-per-fill-up (USD) costs. wow.

bing crosby:"...what's the"

danny kaye: "wha, what's 'wow' mean?"

bing crosby: "it's right between 'ouch' and 'ping'."

danny kaye: "wow."

-from white christmas
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Re: I must be GMP-II

Well I seem to recall a recent post where The Fraud said he was only going to post news articles but not comment.

That lasted for about ten seconds. It looks like the "engineer" puppetmaster has handed the strings over to the "psycho" puppet master.

Soon, we will see the "apologetic" puppet master. All these years helping out MO and I never get to post as Kidiot.

Jack Webb is rolling over in his grave.
"Sure it is ....not..."

Sorry, Magellan, but for everyone but you, weekend rides - and weekday rides, and commuting - are quite routine. What, exactly, makes you think otherwise?
"or is that kButthead"

That's kironbutthead. He can ride a whole 150 miles in a single weekend.
Re: I must be GMP-II

A jpeg next to his bike attached to an email to Pete would solve the mystery.
Re: Saw one the other day on the street...

I agree, the 999 at least look different.
Re: I must be GMP-II

A pic of his odometer would be nice, too.
Re: Well, this guy's not a pilot.

My guess is he's a reservist or National Guard. Any regular army officer would have been forced out way before 15 years were up for not making the promotion list in a timely manner.
Re: I must be GMP-II

Sure when you, longride, buz, kwrong, send in theirs. Cause I think you guys BS a lot ...about miles specially kbully. Can't imagine having a sport bike in Chicago i.e. what's the point.
No one can do that kind of milage
u guys remind me of Our Gang, the He Men KPaul Haters' Club. No kpaul's aloud. Is there a clubhouse in a tree someplace?
Re: I must be GMP-II

You can't imagine having a motorcycle period.

Oh, and you're the biggest pu$$y on the face of the earth.
Yup, my mom said you ain't 'loud neither 'cause you cuss too much...
good for those ducati guys. they have a spectacular year just gotta wonder how they made the 800 bike so dang fast. i couldn't believe stoner just motoring by rossi. i was surprised he didn't waive.

Or how much was Blidgestone not spinning off the exit? Read where Yamaha gots a new engine now tho. china has long straits so we shall see.
Re: I must be GMP-II

I'll take the bait. What do you want? Me + bike, odo, jpegs of my past bikes, me on MILF-hunter with your....oooops.

PM me with a hotmail account and I'll send you what you need.

Buzz even has pics of my last two bikes. And you have photos of both longride and buzz on their very own bikes in some ride reports.

What was the question again?
41 - 60 of 128 Posts
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