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Ducati Delivers Number 1,000 of the 1098.

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It's hella boastworthy, isn't it?
"No kpaul's aloud."

A-loud, a-quiet, plural or possessive, I can't stand him in any way.
He's allowed. Just let me punch him in the teeth first. Then he won't want to stay. Easy.
Ah jb, he insults everyone, doesn't know ***** about motorcycles and isn't a real person anyway.

We all know you're pulling the strings when he's in depressed mode anyway.
Having to refill at some point during a ride is pretty much a normal thing, sport. No one that I ride with goes "Wow! I had to refill-I might go TWO HUNDRED MILES this trip! One of the reasons us old guys like VFRs and ST3&4's, etc, is that you can ride that far without your arms, ass, back, etc getting sore. And do it again the next day, if the opportunity presents itself. You're just getting to a point most of us have been for years.
Re: I must be GMP-II

Yeah, I'll do whatever too. In fact, I may be riding to the Pacific Northwest in a week or two, so I'd love to have a beer. Unless you're afraid to ride down to Portland to meet me.

You can show me all these awesome roads you're talking about. Just think: if you can convert me to your side you'd have one hell of a coup.

--The Fox
Re: I must be GMP-II

The last thing we need is another person with his account password. It's bad enough already.
Don't worry this practice JB

Don't worry JB kpaul is the Bruce Lee of MO. kwrong, kbully, kjester, kgay, kchicken and kcoder are practice dummies. Every thread ends the same way with them i.e. kbashing. Remember what you said if you end your argument name calling then you have lost it...
I don't think you could touch me.. The only part of my body you are going to see is my ass as I am passing you at Willow Springs. Better practice on some cloverleafs ...
kgay I love and forgive you.. Hate is such a destructive emotion..
Rember these facts about kpaul Buz

kpaul only fires when fired at. kpaul makes you look like an idiot when he is called an idiot.. kpaul always forgives and forgets..
Re: Don't worry this practice JB

"kwrong, kbully ... kgay, kchicken ... if you end your argument name calling then you have lost it..."
Re: I must be GMP-II

Well Holmes, it is now Time to Put Up or you can Shut The Fukc Up.
Re: I must be GMP-II

My sister just got married at the Columbia Gorge Hotel (knock it off) what a great part of the country with the most polite drivers. I would be a little weary of the all steel grate bridges crossing over to Wa. just E of Hood River. I didn't think about them until I was 1/2 way across and was happy to be in a car.
Re: I must be GMP-II

You should have a Rainier,
Re: Don't worry this practice JB

I am rubba' you is glue.....

Nanny-nanny Boo-Boo!!!
Re: Rember these facts about kpaul Buz

Maybe, but kpaul is still usually a dink.
Re: I must be GMP-II

Can't - socko sez they ain't made no more. If socko sez it is so, then they is just gonna hafta set fire to th' Brewery or sumptin'.
Which days to you get the sock, jb?

Is it like a bad-marriage gone wrong, and the parents fightin' over the kids, just to get back at one-another?
California has the eighth largest economy in the world. We have everything we need to be our own country (including all the defense technology i.e. Lockheed, General Dynamics, Fairchild, etc., etc.). It's the other 49 we're connected to that's slowing us down.
61 - 80 of 128 Posts
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