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Ducati Demosedici GP7 Unveiled at Madonna Di Campiglio

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go ducati !! ..hope they made a few extra fairings and levers for mr. stoner ....
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I was riding in some Dolomite mountain scenery yesterday but it happened to be in Malibu!

Nicky's going to have to "re-learn" riding small race machinery. Stoner will be MUCH faster than last year and Pedrosa and Rossi will be absolutely amazing on the 800.

Boy, Nicky's going to be in for a tough season.
I prefer pheasant.

Been to Flintstone Village lately?
That'd be 10 clams, please
Smoke U is from S Dakota. He'll know what I'm talking about.
I'm in central MN now thank you. I finally made it back home after being away for 20 years.

Yep, I was to Flintstone Village about three years ago on the '94 Magna I had at the time.
and yes, I did live about 40 miles from the pheasant capital of the world.
I am remember Flintstone Village.. SD is a great state My old roommate Major Spencer (probably a Lt Colonel now or full bird Colonel) from the Air Force lives in Rapid City.. He flew B-1s Great town most of time except during Sturgis..Had a incident over there... Good thing I had the 12 gauge in the RV..
A cigarette company sponsoring a guy named Stoner to ride? They gonna start selling philly blunts?
Interesting, I've never had a problem during Sturgis, but then again I never really hung around town.

It's pretty fun getting buzzed by the B-1Bs practicing.
It actually happened in near Deadwood.
Eh, never had any problems but found money in Deadwood. :)

I went on a poker run that went from Sioux Falls to Deadwood and won $400 for getting three fours. I was quite happy.
Saw the Ducati street legal GP type bike at the Washington Bike show last weekend. WOW! But for 65 large, I could buy lots of Dinette sets!
Where have all the great Navy men gone?

Hey, this is way off topic, but has anyone noticed MSCuddy hasn't posted in a long while? He usually chimes in pretty frequently...just curious.

--The Fox
Re: Where have all the great Navy men gone?

Hey, your right.

He's not logged in, either.

But, didn't you disappear for a while?
Re: Where have all the great Navy men gone?

sarnali disappeared for awhile so I sent him an email via the MO thing. Turned out to be a problem with his account thus sarnali2 You could do that with mscuddy to see whats up i.e. Paste this in your browser
Did they let people touch it? .. That is my favorite Ducati..that is if I you forced to me to have one.. Any day now they will get my memo at about the 800 cc V-4 and dump that 1098 V-Twin.. Tony must of lost it in the mail over there in Italy.
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