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Ducati Demosedici GP7 Unveiled at Madonna Di Campiglio

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go ducati !! ..hope they made a few extra fairings and levers for mr. stoner ....
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Re: Where have all the great Navy men gone?

Already did. Will post if I hear anything.
Good Question. I'm guessing they think Rizla's got it covered. John Hopper says his favorite band is the Kottonmouth Kings.
Re: Where have all the great Navy men gone?

Yeah, that's true. However, I was gone for 4 years and announced it first, heh.

Side note, I just got a pair of MotoGP Alpine pants from for 79 bucks. They're amazing! Fit is more like leathers than textile with the liner in. Very nice; well worth it especially for the price.

Re: Where have all the great Navy men gone?

I like how gives you lots of pictures of the stuff.. $79 looks like a really good deal.. Beat jeans... I had a wreck with jeans on it ripped them up pretty good..
Good looking bike. Go Ducati! (and everyone else).

Got Daytona on my mind a lot lately. Soo looking forward to the Road Racing seasons starting, all of them.
It's amazing how graceful the B1s look with the wings extended when they swoop down for touch and gos. Especially considering how big the plane is.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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