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Ducati Hypermoto Breaks Cover

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First Post!!!

Looks awesome.
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Doh! This is disappointing! I read the headline on the main page and I was totally anticipating new pictures & a possible review of the Desmosedici uber-bike that they are supposedly coming out with.
WOW. I want I want.

though 400lbs doesn't sound particularly remarkable for a machine that likely can't be used on extended rides. Still, I am excited.
Yah see now you disappointed me even more making me thing motorcycledaily had tidbits on the desmosedici.

But anyway, this hypermotard strikes me as Ducatis efforts to stab a wooden stake right through Erik Buell's heart.
It's great to see Ducati working on new ways to configure their current products, but I"m waiting for the Moto Morini Corsaro 1200. Now that promises to be the real Il Monsto!
Like the looks. Wouldn't mind a test drive, assuming I didn't kill myself...

$10 on Sean.
The tank looks small, but not *that* small. I imagine the riding position isnt too bad, either.

Too bad desmo valves need such frequent maintanance. It would be a nice urban commute / traffic buster otherwise, being so narrow, and still have lots of power for weekend / track day fun.
Actually, this is really nothing more than a Multi with the body work it SHOULD have had from the start. And I just wish Ducati could realize that there are a number of folks who would buy this with the 620 engine or even the 800. But no, they will screw up and release it initially only as a ridiculously overpowered 1000. There sales are off over 15% this year. So what does Ducati do? They raise their prices $500 American on every bike even though the Dollar has grown stronger over the last year. Does this make sense? Will charging an extra $500 over last year increase their sales in the US? Maybe the Chinese will buy them out and run the company intelligently.

Sorry for the rant.
I drooled over these pictures this morning. It looks stunning.
a $500 Increase won't increase sales, but it will probably increase profits.

There are 2 ways to increase porfit (without considering cost cutting, efficiencies, Etc). If you sell x Bikes at x $ you can either Sell more Bikes at the same price or you can sell the same amount of bikes at a higher price.

And honestly because Ducati has a prestige factor associatted to it, $500 probably won't deter someone who wants at DUC, because if he wants a DUC and probably doesn't want anything else. Especially since the other Exotics are harder to get a hold of in America.

So the extra $500 will most likely more then make up for any loss in sales.

Look at how Harley Sustains a price premium for a motorcycle that performs worst and is less comfortable then its competitors.

Plus if the prices of everything keep going (highly related to the cost of Oil) then I sure in the next couple years you will find very few products that don't increase with their cost of manufacturing going up.
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if you go to the ducati web site you can do a survey and tell them which

engine you would like and how much you would pay
What a beautiful bike, hope they make it. I would rather have a 620 motor in there and even lighter weight, keep the single sided swing arm though.

This is exactly what I am looking for, 2 wheel, no plastic, and a barrel of fun.
HDT Diesel bike bad...Hypermoto more bad. I agree; an 800cc engine would be perfect. Looks like there might be enough travel in those forks for some serious on/off-roading...not a poser bike. want review.
Note that there's a survey you can take over at the Ducati Website where you can give your opinion about the bikes strong and weak points, make suggestions as to price point and engine size, etc.

Worth the time!
Supersport and literbike owners suddenly notice that the tarpits are soft and sticky.
this is easy...I'll just paste my remarks about the Aprilia, it all applies.

wow...Another Italian money pit. OH, can't find one? Gee maybe there's a dealer within 500 miles or so. No, only 700 miles away!! They can't get one? No parts? Welcome to Itlalian bike ownership...I think I'll take my chances with the avian flu, I might stand a better chance of getting it. At least it's not as hideous as a Moto Guzzi.
On the Ducati web site they have an online poll asking people which engine they would like to see in the Hypermoto... choices were 620, 800, 1000DS and 1000 desmoquattro

Ducati does it again

Beautiful bike. Would love to see that shootout.

Thanks MO!
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