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Ducati Limited Sport 1000 Special Edition Released.

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Should be able to find 100 masochists.
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Oooooh, pretty!

Can I get mine without the clip-ons?
I'm thinking about getting a Multistrada. I like the Hypermotard, but I think the Mult might be easier on my wrecked back. Anybody got one? What do you think of it?
Saw one this past weekend on the floor of Chicago Cycle Center. Paint was very reminiscent of a Darmah. Of course, the Ducati sales guy had no idea what I was talking about. Sigh. People have no sense of history.

--The Fox
...I see Ducati's too cheap to equip the bike with TWO shock asorbers...

Maybe they can get rid of that extra cylinder sticking out of the bottom next.

And why only 10 for Canada eh? WTF?

Ducati is delivering all NY units to the impound lot for everyone's convenience.
Thus saving taxpayer dollars and freeing up the police for more important duties. Like eating donuts.
I thought all of the new SportClassic models were getting twin shocks? Maybe they had some two-year-old chassis laying around the factory?
Nah, it's becuz of them big oggly "shotgun" pipes me thinks...

Anyway, Ohlins be expensive.
I got to sit on one last week. Felt great. I've got to go back and take them up on the test ride offer. I must have heard the price wrong, under 9K for the non sport. Also I'm pretty short and was worried about the saddle height, it's lower than you think. I almost wish I hadn't sat on it. I'm trying to figure out how to come up with the money even before riding it. I don't need it, but I want it.... There is a write up in this months Cycle World and of course the write here in the reviews.
Yes, please, bar risers, full day test ride to see if ill...ahem..purchase one. Just wont take it to NYC P.R. Day/parade here in sunny popsickle villiage of Manhattan.

NYPD generally picks fruit when really ripe...
I really enjoyed mine but coudn't get the airflow worked out with a couple of screen changes. I'm 6'3" and didn't enjoy the shoulders being tossed about above 70.

I think the new 1100 is going to be sweet and have considered a second look. The used market is really good for the buyer too.
You didn't enjoy your salad being tossed?

Keep it clean on MO bro!
oh man, i just shot a wad - damn - i'm in lust - that's the sexiest set of wheels i've ever seen...
Sexiest bike I've seen in months... I'm drooling and reminiscing about my cafe bike days. A Ducati I'd want to ride regardless of whether it's comfy... I'll keep the Hypermotard or S4RS for that.
Re: Multistrada is great fun

I just got back from Italy, where I spent a week riding the little Multistrada 620. That was a great bike for the tight roads we were riding. My primary bike is the ST3, and when I purchased that bike I also considered the MTS but couldn't wrap my head around the looks. While I still don't like the way that the MTS looks, it was a brilliant bike. Upright position gives good visibility, wide bars give good handling on tight hairpin curves, and I had several 10 hour days with no pains in my wrists, bum, or back. A very relaxed upright riding position.

I would love to get the Hypermotard, but initial reports is that this is not the most comfortable bike. For comfort, all-around practicality, and good handling, get the Multistrada 1100S. If you need to carry stuff, get the top box, and you'll be able to filter through anything.
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What's that about a Toga?
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