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At last

I'm glad to hear that Ducati has decided to bite the bullet and change the top at Ducati NA. As a former Ducati dealership general manager, I can tell you that Ducati NA has never really understood how to sell their bikes over here. Their marketing and dealer support was dismal, as was reflected in their declining sales. The dealers that I have remained in touch with were not happy with the organization. One even made the comment to me that Piazza didn't understand sport bike marketing, as he came from the cruiser community.

I only hope that they hire people that understand the marque and the revered place it holds in the minds of the sportbike community. All too often they have seemed to make their choice based on the last name of the candidate ending in a vowel rather than on any in depth understanding of the sportbike market in the US.

Oh, yeah, if anyone at DucatiNA reads this, my resume is on the way. I may complain, but the real reason I do is that your superb machines should be in the hands of many more Americans. Anyone who hasn't ridden one should try it and find out how well these babies handle. Many a high horsepower sport bike has been humbled by a Ducati on a mountain road.

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