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Hmm. Didja notice they don't say _where_ in California they're moving? Seems kinda odd to issue a press release that says you're moving if you haven't yet nailed down your destination. Are they keeping it a secret for some reason? Or are they just geographically-challenged easterners for whom "California" means "Los Angeles and environs"?

Then again, maybe this is a request for bids from California cities who want to bring in a new employer. What kind of tax breaks can we get for bringing X jobs to your city? Though, really, with parts and bike distribution outsourced, how many people are left for the HQ to employ? It's probably bigger than MO, but I'd bet it's smaller than, say, Lincoln-Mercury (who will probably be vacating their new Irvine digs and heading back to Detroit soon).
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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