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Re: lane spilting in CA

As coqui stated there is no law in Calif. that makes lane spliting legal or illegal.

However there are several laws that officer Ollie can use if he wants to give you a

ticket. And 4in6 was correct in that it is tolerated because of the major traffic problems

in LA and air cooled motorcycles were over heating. And another reasons is simply the

CHP does it. 4in6 was incorrect about the 45mph law, there is no such law in CA! Now down to

the practical matters. 1). Lane spilting violates the concept of space cushioning and see

and be seen (MSF rider course). 2) If your going to lane split, traffic should be at a virtual stop. With traffic moving even

at 15mph some idiot will try to change lanes, and that idiot will never see a motorcycle.

3) Only lane split in the #1 and #2 lanes (left most lanes). 4) Travel only about 5mph

faster than traffic, and move back into the #1 lane when traffic is moving. 5) Keep

your head and eyes up and looking well ahead for cars and trucks with huge mirrors. 6)

Cover your clutch and front brake.

Be safe, have fun and look good
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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