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Political B U L L S H I T

Dear MO:

I thoroughly enjoyed MO and several of its writers' until lately now that:

by captainwhoopass (Conservatives [email protected])

has made it into a political campaign blitz and for that matter any MOron making it into a political election forum. If this is going to be allowed then please take the balance of my membership and buy what little beer you can to be shared amongst the MO Staff, because this is f#%ked. Either that or I start my own campaign using MO and posting every little tidbit of utter nonsense possible so that I can springboard my vote for Alfred E. Newman.

All joking aside...if MO doesn't do something about CaptainDumbsh#t, then I headed elsewhere to enjoy what I came to MO for--motorcycling.
1 - 1 of 61 Posts
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