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Ducati offers to buy Aprilia

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Hmmm, this could be an interesting development for both companies. It might help solve the financial woes that Italian motorcycle companies have always faced and would also bring some fresh thinking to both groups as well.
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Re: Political B U L L S H I T

Funny. I can't recall any complaints from you about Kook turning this website into a political forum. He's the one who always starts these things. Why don't you go after him? Huh?
I'm sorry but I just can't imagine Ducati bailing anyone out of financial trouble. I mean, like, how does that happen? Have the laws of thermodynamics been reversed lately?
>All Indian has is a marketing


A hugely valuable one.

>untill someone with balls comes in

>and sets it up as a unique brand



Ducati has the resources, and they have engineers who know something about V-twins. And for the cretins to whom such a thing would be important, it wouldn't be Ducati owning Indian, it would be Texas Pacific Group.
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They'll just get the Italian Govt to print more money. Then the next time you order an espresso in Italy it will only cost you one trillion lira or Euros or whatever sissy rainbow colored money they're using over there now.
Get it.

My Brutale is just as wonderful to look at as it is to ride.
To all those that think that the Ducati/Aprilia sucks, YOUR HIGH. Simply, Aprilia was and is a scooter builder. The motors in the street bikes are supplied by Rotax. The MotoGP effort is a failure. Ducati will not ax any sportbike that Aprilia produces. What they will do is modify the existing motor and build it in Ducati's house. The under 100cc scooter market in Europe blew up when helmet laws were introduced. That's where Aprilia made it's cash. If Duc takes over and helps design big cc scooters (150-500 cc) Aprilia will be back in the game. All Ducati has to do is stop the GP effort to stop the bleeding. Duc wanted Guzzi, anyway, so why not throw in Laverda and (lead brand) Aprilia. Banks will go for it and Duc has the funding. Anyone that thinks this is bad is simply not a good businessman. Aprilia will live right along side with Ducati. Guzzi will get better quality control and Laverda will start shipping bad ass litre class twins again. It all looks good to me.
What Indian needs to be is the same as Triumph. A line of modern unique bikes and a line of updated "classic" bikes. If all they're going to do is build fat fendered Harley clones they can be ressurected till the cows come home and they'll go tits everytime.

What alot of people don't realize is that Harley probably wouldn't be building retro style bikes if Indian had of stayed in buisness. Competition between Harley, Indian and later Triumph and BSA is what drove innovation for all of them.

While HD copied the Brits. and went to OHV with the Knucklehead and Panhead engines, then unit engines and swingarm frames with the K model and Sportsters, Indian cranked out the same sprung axle sidevalves and slowly went under.

While new HD's are technicaly superior, visually most of their styling is the same as it was when Indian went tits up.

While this little rant has nothing to do with Ducati or Aprilia, everytime ressurecting old brands comes up Indian gets dragged out of the closet. They went under because they failed to keep up with the times.
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Re: Political B U L L S H I T

Here ya go!
I wasn't thinking about liquid-cooling or DOHC or any of those things. I was thinking more along the lines of non-shaft drives, transmissions with more than five speeds, and larger and/or more powerful engines. They would still need to keep them air-cooled, though.
Re: Political B U L L S H I T

It's funny how they get riled up when the shoe's on the other foot, isn't it?
This could be a chance to ressurect Laverda's [email protected] triples.
They went under because they were charging an extra $10K for rebadged Harleys. If you wanted an "Indian" all you had to do was buy a Harley (much cheaper, relatively speaking) and bolt on the different fenders and replace the tank decals.

Then Indian built their own in house engine that was worse than the Excelsior-Henderson's. The final nail in the coffin.

The ironic thing is that Indian might have done better if they'd gone completely retro and built a hand shift bike with a flathead engine again. That might have really attracted the Rubs. It couldn't have been worse than their in house OHV POS. And it would have been carrying out this retro insanity to it's (il)logical conclusion.

I guess the next step would be offering automatic exhaust valves and total loss oiling. Oh wait, they already have total loss oiling....
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I meant Springfield Indians, not the latest necropheliac attempt to pimp a corpse
They're just jealous because I have a Triumph and I can lick my eyebrows (girls find that appealing ya' know)
Trimph could sell them Speed Triple engines.
To the best of my knowledge Aprilia already has scooters in the 150 to 500 cc range. They a called Scarabeos . VWW
I don't know - that's a pretty big umbrella, if Ducati does that, they'll start to look like GM.

If anything they'll keep a couple of Aprilia models that are successful in their own right and don't compete with something in their current Ducati line up and sell off the rest of the company assets (hello scooters up to 500 cc and RS Replica).

Guzzi is another story, that can be added without competing with the main line of Ducati.

It's really not that the deal sucks, it's that the Aprilia models we've come to appreciate will likely go bye bye. That's the shame - that Aprilia the company was failing.
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KPaul makes a pledge

This last outburst of diatribe was started by Buz and taken to a ridiculous level by Capt WippedAss (KPaul had to prove to him that Gore officially won the popular vote in 2000, I probably should of let him continue in his ignorant bliss). KPaul pledges now that KPaul won't start any political debate. However, any misinformation placed on this forum by the supporters of the President will be followed by a swift and decisive response from the KPaul truth squad
>Simply, Aprilia was and is a

>scooter builder.

Then the Mille, Falco and Futura are the motherf**ingest ass-kicking scooters ever made.

BTW, same applies to Honda and Yamaha.

>The motors in the street bikes are

>supplied by Rotax.

Who also supply some motors for BMW and KTM, I believe. And manufacturers also get brakes from Brembo, shocks from Ohlins, carbs from Mikuni, etc. Nothing wrong with outsourcing. Oftentimes more efficient.

>The MotoGP effort is a failure.

So is Suzuki's and Kawasaki's. Big deal.

>Ducati will not ax any sportbike

>that Aprilia produces. What they

>will do is modify the existing

>motor and build it in Ducati's


Now YOUR [sic] the one who's HIGH. Do you honestly believe that Ducati would produce and sell both the 999 and the Mille? Both the 900SS and the Falco? Both the ST4 and the Futura? Why? What's the point of spending money (labor, materials, marketing, tooling maintenance, mutiple assembly lines, etc etc) to produce a direct competitor to your own product line?

>Duc wanted Guzzi, anyway

Which makes sense. Better-differentiated product line and customer base.

>so why not throw in Laverda and

>(lead brand) Aprilia.

That's like wanting to buy my neighbor's garage for $20,000, getting rebuffed, then deciding to buy the whole property for $200,000 just to get that garage. Might make sense, might not, but that's an awfully big "throw-in."

>Anyone that thinks this is bad is

>simply not a good businessman.

I didn't say it was a bad business decision. They would eliminate a competitor. I said it was bad for motorcycling, because those great Aprilia bikes will be no more.

>Aprilia will live right along side

>with Ducati.

Not with motorcycles.

>Guzzi will get better quality


Nowhere to go but up, but Ducati ain't stellar in this department.

>and Laverda will start shipping

>bad ass litre class twins again.

Laverda was renowned for their Triples. A Twin would alienate the faithful and would compete with existing Ducs, so it won't happen.

>It all looks good to me

Not me.
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