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TPG's moves

The way Texas Pacific Group has been acting, they are trying to replicate Harley-Davidson...but ONLY in the US are they using that idea. They are pushing accessories, clothing, and community, and the feeling of mystique and exclusivity so as to add value to the sale. It works for Harley, why not Ducati?

Christ, go look at their website! It's one of the best in motorcycling. Fast, reliable, and more. They give tips on technical information, from simple stuff like to how to change a spark plug and teaching you how 4 stroke engines work, all the way up to explaining the Desmodromic valve system. They give riding tips, real ones you can use. They encourage readers to share information and post stores about trips, ask tech questions so they can answer them on the boards, and set up a private web stite for auctioning purposes. It's really impressive.

Go to, with it's plethora of information (including all part and accessory numbers online - no more looking through catalogues!) and then go to any other manufacturer's site, except Harley Davidson. Ducati's is far and away the most helpful and indepth.

--The Fox
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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