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Went on a second tour of the Ducati factory a month ago. Was a pale imitation of the tour we got 3 years ago. This year no picture taking was allowed, no detailed explanations of anything, just a quick walk through of the main floor. A few years ago, you could take pictures of everything, a technician demonstrated the inner workings of the desmo cylinder head, the automated machinery equipment was running full tilt, etc. Then to top it off this year, the museum was closed because there was a meeting being held in it. Why even bother scheduling tours if the museum is closed? Very disappointing treatment for motorcycle enthusiasts who traveled a long ways and went to some trouble to see their operation. I suspect their monetary success is having some negative effects. I also agree with surfnm that they need a new designer fast. Pierre's street designs are ugly! Witness the Multistrada.... Yuck!!!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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