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Ducati: Reloaded

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Inline 4? I think not. That raucous sound is just Trinity's virtual panties a-flappin'!!

Amazing things happen inside the Matrix...

First post?
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She didnt' Jump a 996 throgh the guardhouse; it was a MV agusta F4.

Shootin' your mouth off before checking the facts as usual ;-)


A black 996 and a gorgeous, leather clad babe. C-A Moss, I love you.


So Sean, have you had a chance to throw a different sprocket on that ST4s and wake her up?
it was an MV dumbass

how could you not see it was an MV. it had the tail section and everything. give them more credit then that. and im ashamed of your bike identity skills
Ugly woman. Crappy movie. I'm going to sell my Ducati.
Re: it was an MV dumbass

I apologize to all of the MO readers whom I've let down. My only defense is that I was focusing about 8" above the MV's tail section and because I knew about Ducati's presence in the movie I was just assuming that the bike under that ass, was another 996. Hey at least I got the sound thing?
Re: it was an MV dumbass

its okay, noone is free from the thrill of trinitys ass
Re: Gearing

Buzz, nope the 4S just went back to Ducati, in exchange for a different Duc. Stay tuned for this new Duc appearing in an upcoming shootout. Unfortunately Trinity won't be one of our guest testers.
you shouldve never bought that piece of junk in the first place...but ms. moss is one the hottest things going in lala land!!

ill help you light that greasy dego piece of crap on fire
I wonder why Ducati didn't ask to have their current superbike featured in the film. Guess they got some leftovers to get rid of. Make mine red, though.
It was an MV AND a Ducati, dumbass

For those accussing Sean of being a dumbass, they should go see the movie again. Sure there was an MV in the movie (at the beginning and near the end), but the entire highway scene (which is the scene that Sean is referring to) was a Ducati 996.

Sean, stick by your guns.
Inline 4 steals show.

For those of you who think sexy motorcylces aren't limited to potato,potato V-Twins see Sexy 4
Aw c'mon. The most entertaining part of any movie is watching someone ride down the street on an inline4 that sounds exactly like a Harley. Or watching someone dirtbiking on a Suzuki RM250 that sounds like a Honda 650 4stroke. Or a BMW airhead that sounds like a Honda CB750.

Like a .45 auto that fires 20 shots or Civil War era desperados firing cartridge pistols or cowboys in the 1880s carrying model 1894 carbines.... these things only add to the viewing pleasure. I mean, how can you beat Ben Affleck telling his compatriots in "Pearl Harbor" that to survive against Zeros they have to rely on the P-40's superior manuverability?

My only question is, "Do all the cars in the Matrix universe drive around with contact exploders attached to drums of naptha in the trunk, like in most Hollywood movies?"
Re: Moron

Sean removed that part of the story (Trinity jumping a bike into the guardhouse) after we corrected him. See his apology above.
Re: Inline 4 steals show.

God, it's gorgeous, isn't it? Does anyone know where I can find a long-term test of the MV? I'm really considering a splurge, but I don't want it if, like my older Duc, it's a pain in the ti*s to keep on the road .
Anyone have a closer look at those pictures?

One of the pictures is clearly taken with stunt-doubles. The trinity looks about 25 years older, and the guy looks completely different.
Double blasphemy! But yeah, sell your crappy Ducati
You must mean the one where she is zipping around a car- I have to agree, they should have photoshopped that picture or something- obviously not her.
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