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Aw c'mon. The most entertaining part of any movie is watching someone ride down the street on an inline4 that sounds exactly like a Harley. Or watching someone dirtbiking on a Suzuki RM250 that sounds like a Honda 650 4stroke. Or a BMW airhead that sounds like a Honda CB750.

Like a .45 auto that fires 20 shots or Civil War era desperados firing cartridge pistols or cowboys in the 1880s carrying model 1894 carbines.... these things only add to the viewing pleasure. I mean, how can you beat Ben Affleck telling his compatriots in "Pearl Harbor" that to survive against Zeros they have to rely on the P-40's superior manuverability?

My only question is, "Do all the cars in the Matrix universe drive around with contact exploders attached to drums of naptha in the trunk, like in most Hollywood movies?"
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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