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Ducati: Reloaded

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Inline 4? I think not. That raucous sound is just Trinity's virtual panties a-flappin'!!

Amazing things happen inside the Matrix...

First post?
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Re: Photo #6

Bitter Beer Face LMFAO.

I can't believe they released that picture.

The main highway motorcycle scene was OK but it was obvious when she is riding on the shoulder being chased by the cop car that she is only doing 30mph. C'mon , on a straightaway a duck vs a cop car? Even with that little asian dude she would be doing 100mph in no time.

And what was up with the cave dance. It looked like they were throwing a a "Free Tibet" concert. I was half expecting the Beastie Boys to show up. Rock the Cave? Hell some of these people looked like they would be better off in the Matrix.

1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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