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Ducati: Reloaded

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Inline 4? I think not. That raucous sound is just Trinity's virtual panties a-flappin'!!

Amazing things happen inside the Matrix...

First post?
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The movie was interesting overall, but after thinking a while, I came to the conclusion that the first was much better. I got tired of the fighting-as-a-method-of-communication stuff after a half-hour of it. Neo even has to fight the non-bad-guys in this one, simply to ensure that "he's OK". What is this, an L.A. gang initiation?

I also thought the big cave-dancing scene with Neo bonking Trinity in a back room was needless, pointless, and out-of-place in this movie. I could sense the uneasiness in the audience during this scene. It seemed as if the writers were sitting around saying "OK, how can we fit some T&A and african drumbeats into this flick?"

I liked the scenes that reveal plot points, but other than that, it was surprisingly forgettable.

Incidentally, what got the most cheers from the packed theater that night was the trailer for Freddy Vs. Jason. I am waiting with baited breath for that one!!!
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1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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