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Ducati SBK Valencia Test Update

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Ben will prove them wrong

Ben took alot of flak for his performance last year but it wasn't justified. The guy had never seen any of the tracks before, was riding on new tires (michelin) and, with Foggy's crash, was forced early on to be team leader as well. This is an impossible task for a rookie and I think the move to NCR was a smart one. He knows the tracks, the tires, the team and the competition so he should reaaly shine this year. The guy is not an idiot or a slouch on the track.
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Once and a while it happens. I agree super bike has a large following because you can buy a factory REPLICA... I don't think many people kid them selves into thinking they are getting a race bike off the showroom floor. A 996, GSXR, etal make cool bikes and have a certain viagral quality about them. I hope superbike doesn't go away, and I don't think it will.
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