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Ducati SBK Valencia Test Update

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Ben will prove them wrong

Ben took alot of flak for his performance last year but it wasn't justified. The guy had never seen any of the tracks before, was riding on new tires (michelin) and, with Foggy's crash, was forced early on to be team leader as well. This is an impossible task for a rookie and I think the move to NCR was a smart one. He knows the tracks, the tires, the team and the competition so he should reaaly shine this year. The guy is not an idiot or a slouch on the track.
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Keep working on that quick draw technique gunslinger....
Good point but....

Don't forget that not all riders mature the same way. Gobert and Haga hit WSB like meteorites, Edwards arrival barely registered on the richter scale, but at the end of 2000 Edwards is world champion while Gobert and Hagas championship dreams have evaporated. There is something to be said for the steady late bloomers....
Dont sound the death knell for WSB yet

The FIM, Wsb and GP organisers have agreed to work with the united bike manufacturers to promote both championships. I suspect that the manufactures wish to preserve WSB as a hedge against GPs becoming what F1 is-a championship dominated by 1 or 2 manufacturers who can spend the rest into submission. Besides,WSBs success proves there is a huge market for people who wish to see production based racing. I for one am not too interested in F1 or prototype bikes so dont assume people will simply switch to watching GP just because they are 4 stroke.
Its not how you start but how you finish....

Sure Haga and Bayliss had spectacular debuts but Kevin Schwantz only mustered 1 championship in his spectacular 8 year career that started with a win in his debut at Suzuka. Max Biaggi won on his debut in '98 but hasnt looked like championship material yet. By contrast, 'Boring' Mick Doohan racked up five #1 plates but Haga still doesnt have one!
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