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Ducati Set To Launch New Monster

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bout time
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and this "new monster" will look a lot like a photoshop compilation of the current monster, the hypermotard, and some bits of a brutale!

rock 'n roll!
i wonder what the new "695" will end up looking like. the graphic at MCN had a single sided swing arm and a dry clutch, so i'm assuming that's not the lil' monster.

millions of peaches / peaches for me / millions of peaches / peaches for free /
Vat's der "Muenster"?
Well, that sucks. The Monster is perfect the way it is.

Luckily, the link is to an MCN article, so I'll give the fact that it's true a 75% probability, and the horrible illustration a .05% chance of being remotely close.
KP could get a job with MCN given the accuracy of their "predictions."
Why? I got a job here cutie ;)
But that was a PHOTOSHOP illustration. How dare you lump the legendary GiMP Boeing engineer in with those "creative" turds in the computer graphics world?!

He works with H-A-R-D-W-A-R-E

Buz; geez!

Why, those guys at MCN couldn't engineer their way out of a Boeing milspec G4652 v9.8.3.6501, processed cellulose pulp enclosure: color: matte dun!

And WHY couldn't they?! Because, that bag was designed to be impervious to engineering byt the great KPaul himself, whose managers understand he has a natural gift for all things that are naturally immune to engineering!

HAHA, guess the joke's on YOU! See, cuz he's an engineer and the jokers at MCN only actually ride a motorcycle once in a while. Ha...hahaha...MWAHAHAHAHA

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LOL nice try kconehead
So what kind of ****tails are we having tonight?

Oh, and great article today in the business section about all the "outsourcing" that's part of the new 787.
old news Buz.. Started accelerating after the last strike. HD workers take note.. It's actually working out better than most thought it would. High quality and lower costs.. Health care costs are killing U.S. companies. Airbus not only gets money from the French government but they don't have to pay health insurance premiums. Folks say the picky French have the best health care in the world. Much better than the U.K. and Canada. I am sure when President Clinton takes office in 2009 she will fix things. How is the bill collecting business? The GMP predicts and then it happens. Higher interest rates cause of the debt are starting to cool the economy. Big debt causing the dollar to fall makes things even worse. More bankrupties causing your business to boom right. People can't keep the timeshares. Your pal W sure fracked things up... I will never forget that you voted for him twice.
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Yeah, this economy is straight in the tank, isn't it? What's that now, four or five years in a row he's been saying that? Must be why I see all those pencil sellers in the street.

Home prices down 5% after 40% gain! It's Hoovervilles for all of us!
Not to mention the French just elected a conservative.

Also, Socko thinks a studio apartment, a plasma TV and Betty from accounting is pimpin' like Buz! LOL!!!
Californians don't like George Bush? My God, man, this is a disaster! Thank you for bringing this stunning information to our attention! I will join Buz in weeping. I may even rend my garments.

Could you find out what New York City residents, MSM journalists and Hollywood actors think of him? Thanks. I'm crossing my fingers.

Oh, and while you're at it, check out the (national) approval ratings of the Democratic Congress compared to George Bush's.

It all on borrowed time pal Go take a look at the national debt .. The party is over next year... check this out

The current economy is like when you go charge up all your credit cards up to it's limit. You have a nice new HD TV, stereo, new car etc. Problem is the bill comes due next month and your income is less than the minimum payment. That is where W has taken this economy. So live it up now bad times are coming for W lovers...
LOL good one cutie..
Hasn't the Congress been Republican controlled for last few years?
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