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Ducati Set To Launch New Monster

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bout time
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Well, that sucks. The Monster is perfect the way it is.

Luckily, the link is to an MCN article, so I'll give the fact that it's true a 75% probability, and the horrible illustration a .05% chance of being remotely close.
Yeah, this economy is straight in the tank, isn't it? What's that now, four or five years in a row he's been saying that? Must be why I see all those pencil sellers in the street.

Home prices down 5% after 40% gain! It's Hoovervilles for all of us!
Californians don't like George Bush? My God, man, this is a disaster! Thank you for bringing this stunning information to our attention! I will join Buz in weeping. I may even rend my garments.

Could you find out what New York City residents, MSM journalists and Hollywood actors think of him? Thanks. I'm crossing my fingers.

Oh, and while you're at it, check out the (national) approval ratings of the Democratic Congress compared to George Bush's.

OK, I'll help you with the last one:

29% vs 33%.
Are you retarded?

There was an election back in November. The Democrats won both houses.
Well, socialized medicine will fix that...
You're 43, right?
From your table: Home Ownership, Clinton-

"7.4 million new homeowners -- the highest homeownership rate in history (66.8% in 3rd qtr of 1998)"

The record is 69.2% in the fourth quarter of 2004. Today it is 68.4%, still beating "the good old days."

Nice try, socks.
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Here's another one:

Unemployment, Clinton - "4.5% in 1998 -- the lowest in 29 years and lowest peacetime rate in 41 years"


"the unemployment rate was essentially unchanged at 4.5 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reported today [APRIL 2007]."
Like I've been ripping you?
"the gap between the rich and the poor is growing"

You raise some valid points, but I would caution against using this phrase. It's utterly meaningless. If I make $40,000 per year and my neighbor makes $100,000, and we both get a 10% raise, the gap between us has grown - but I'm still making $4,000 more than I was. Even if my raise is only 2% and his is 20%, I am still making more than I was. And if I get a 20% raise and he gets a 100% raise, the gap between us has blown wide open, but I'm still doing really, really well.

The fact he has made even more is meaningless - if it is invested with significance, then we're entering the realm of the politics of envy, and there's nothing more dangerous than that.
Re: History repeating itself by those who wear orange jump suits.

"History will repeat itself as soon as W leaves office."

And when it doesn't, you'll credit the brilliant Democrat in office. Predictable.

Hey, were you surprised by those stats I quoted up there? You haven't said anything.

Now I'm starting to wonder about the sock puppet thing. How can you not know your age? I'm 41. That was easy.
See ya in a week.
Re: The frogs do it better

What's the unemployment rate in France? And what's the unemployment rate in France for people in their twenties?
Wow, that's the shortest gap ever between "see ya" and your inevitable return. You never keep your word and you constantly lie. How honorable.

Ever figure out your age?
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