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But that was a PHOTOSHOP illustration. How dare you lump the legendary GiMP Boeing engineer in with those "creative" turds in the computer graphics world?!

He works with H-A-R-D-W-A-R-E

Buz; geez!

Why, those guys at MCN couldn't engineer their way out of a Boeing milspec G4652 v9.8.3.6501, processed cellulose pulp enclosure: color: matte dun!

And WHY couldn't they?! Because, that bag was designed to be impervious to engineering byt the great KPaul himself, whose managers understand he has a natural gift for all things that are naturally immune to engineering!

HAHA, guess the joke's on YOU! See, cuz he's an engineer and the jokers at MCN only actually ride a motorcycle once in a while. Ha...hahaha...MWAHAHAHAHA

1 - 2 of 100 Posts
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