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Ducati Set To Launch New Monster

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bout time
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KP could get a job with MCN given the accuracy of their "predictions."
So what kind of ****tails are we having tonight?

Oh, and great article today in the business section about all the "outsourcing" that's part of the new 787.
Not to mention the French just elected a conservative.

Also, Socko thinks a studio apartment, a plasma TV and Betty from accounting is pimpin' like Buz! LOL!!!
Re: I'm suing!

Alright I'm sorry.

Next time you're down south I'll shave your back for ya.
Perhaps one of the most disturbed individuals I've ever witnessed.
Re: The frogs do it better

Really high. Also, French employers sign people to 90 day employment contracts instead of offering a full position to circumvent all the mandated benefits.
1 - 7 of 100 Posts
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