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Ducati Set To Launch New Monster

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bout time
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Why? I got a job here cutie ;)
LOL nice try kconehead
old news Buz.. Started accelerating after the last strike. HD workers take note.. It's actually working out better than most thought it would. High quality and lower costs.. Health care costs are killing U.S. companies. Airbus not only gets money from the French government but they don't have to pay health insurance premiums. Folks say the picky French have the best health care in the world. Much better than the U.K. and Canada. I am sure when President Clinton takes office in 2009 she will fix things. How is the bill collecting business? The GMP predicts and then it happens. Higher interest rates cause of the debt are starting to cool the economy. Big debt causing the dollar to fall makes things even worse. More bankrupties causing your business to boom right. People can't keep the timeshares. Your pal W sure fracked things up... I will never forget that you voted for him twice.
It all on borrowed time pal Go take a look at the national debt .. The party is over next year... check this out

The current economy is like when you go charge up all your credit cards up to it's limit. You have a nice new HD TV, stereo, new car etc. Problem is the bill comes due next month and your income is less than the minimum payment. That is where W has taken this economy. So live it up now bad times are coming for W lovers...
LOL good one cutie..
Hasn't the Congress been Republican controlled for last few years?
I know my point is that the Republicans fracked things up on a drunken spending binge and the war etc. I am sure Nancy can turn it around. You Red Staters are so clueless. Take some econ classes. <a href="">Learn how a reckless W fiscal policy can take the best economy into the worst economy in a short 6 years..
stubborn aren't ya
Yep all of those Republican scandals have taken a toll
Back to High School for the GPTB and kchick

One more time we are on borrowed time. W is still charging up on the credit card you MOron. I am not a democrat. There is no such thing as free lunch idiot.

Read and learn

Time to go to the movies seeing Spiderman 3... Have fun guys.
History repeating itself by those who wear orange jump suits.

Either you slept through Econ class or you took Poli Sci instead. It's the budget deficit and national debt stupid. The trade deficit is a big a deal as the balance of payments and the dollar will decline again again again.. Since you a history major go research the Gulf of Tokin resolution and the problems caused by deficit war spending in the late 60s and 70s. History will repeat itself as soon as W leaves office. Thought you were smarter than that but you are going to be wearing a orange jump suit..soon
Yes it is idiot History major..Tell me how it is different so I can rip your argument to pieces
Re: History repeating itself by those who wear orange jump suits.

Dumb frack. You were history major. The balance of payments is a bigger deal.. Go back to school Econ 101 jack.. Where did you go to school?
Ignore facts and data

Right cause you don't know what the hell you are taking about. All you know is that it is popular on MO to disagree with kpaul. Fracking moron
Evidently not. Amazing how the truth hurts.. The W fans are in denial now. When Buz's and longrides grand kids ask them why they voted for the absolute worse president in history their answer will be cause kpaul didn't like him .. idiots.. Then you have the morons who didn't learn anything about economics in school like kchick, kreb sickle, and kgay.
Good bye again I didn't start it this time...Buz and kgay did but I am going to end it.

Good bye kbashers.
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