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Ducati Set To Launch New Monster

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bout time
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OK, I'll help you with the last one:

29% vs 33%.
Are you retarded?

There was an election back in November. The Democrats won both houses.
Well, socialized medicine will fix that...
Re: Vat's der Muenster?

Ack! Got un Himmel! Dat der gut piece!
I know my point is that the Republicans fracked things up on a drunken spending binge and the war etc. I am sure Nancy can turn it around. You Red Staters are so clueless. Take some econ classes. <a href="">Learn how a reckless W fiscal policy can take the best economy into the worst economy in a short 6 years..
stubborn aren't ya
Yep all of those Republican scandals have taken a toll
Was that a rhetorical question?
Typical Demoncrat. This fool believes the Demo-Lie that the Economy is in the toilet.

That's why there are so man companies out there that are posting record profits, then immediately breaking those records, and unemployment is so low, the Dow is so high, etc.

Don't look at anythi...... Hey! Is that a bunny rabbit over there? Look! LOOK! (points vigorously in all directions)
Are you about to take-up ****sucking again?

Back to High School for the GPTB and kchick

One more time we are on borrowed time. W is still charging up on the credit card you MOron. I am not a democrat. There is no such thing as free lunch idiot.

Read and learn
"The current economy is like when you go charge up all your credit cards up to it's limit. You have a nice new HD TV, stereo, new car etc. Problem is the bill comes due next month and your income is less than the minimum payment."

You mean like your own situation? Weren't you just recently bragging about the size of your house, the fanciness of your Dinette Set, the width of your TV, the t!ts on your Wife, the number of inter-racial gangbangers on your daughters, etc.?

socko, darn thyself.

Time to go to the movies seeing Spiderman 3... Have fun guys.
Re: Back to High School for the GPTB and kchick

Right. You tell us everything is gonna be A-OK when the pants-wearer of the Clinton duo takes office - yet we are living on "borrowed time".

You can say that again. We are ****ed once that **** takes office.

Good movie. You'll enjoy it (seriously!).
You're 43, right?
From your table: Home Ownership, Clinton-

"7.4 million new homeowners -- the highest homeownership rate in history (66.8% in 3rd qtr of 1998)"

The record is 69.2% in the fourth quarter of 2004. Today it is 68.4%, still beating "the good old days."

Nice try, socks.
See less See more read his link. fished in!
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