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Ducati Sport 1000S

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Nothing better on the track

I don't know much about this bike, but I can tell you that I have ridden a lot of bikes: owned, borrowed and test ridden and nothing I repeate nothing felt more natural to me or allowed me to go as quickly around the race track as a Ducati ST3 and 999.

They both felt very natural and I felt at one with them from the get go.
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They'd sell ten times more of these if it had a modern liquid-cooled engine instead of that old air-cooled lump.
ok, I don't care if it will represent a miniscule percentage of the bikes in the U.S.... I am looking forward to MO's Ducati 1098 Superbike review...
Clever little remark.. But, in Buells case I don't thing folks are hung up on the air-cooled part they just want better performance.. Ducati does a really good job with the Monster line with air cooled twins
You're being funny right? If not, then why not go the whole hog and just stick a nice I4 engine down there? Then we can yet one more souless sportbike howling around but with a cool retro bullet fairing.

Not everyone who rides a motorcycle is motivated by parking lot horse power pissing contests you know.
Ah, that's what Monter SRS's are for. The "old air-cooled" lump is for the the traditionalist. Except for that new "oil-bath" clutch it's a completely cool, suprisingly well-handling, easy to insure motorcycle that gets no time of day sitting on a showroom floor.
The writing is already on the wall for the 1098 as far as the US motorcycle press is concerned....."What, ONLY 160hp...pfft!"

Wanna bet?
To quote Gabe..

"What we do know is this motor makes 81.07hp on our Dynojetto di, with 61.67 foot-pounds of torque, and can rev to almost 9,000 rpm."
Imagine a passenger leaning on you as well!

I'd go for the version with the higher bars as well.

I wish it hadn't been snowing the day I was at the office. I would have taken that baby for a spin!
I own a 2007 GT1000 and can tell you that these bikes (sport classics) are a return to "real" motorcycling. Thanks Ducati for re-creating my youth!
(All figures manufacturer-claimed, because I couldn't find 2006/2007 S2R dyno runs)

Buell XB9SX:

Displacement: 984cc

Power: 92 HP

Torque: 95 Nm

Ducati Monster S2R:

Displacement: 992cc

Power: 95 HP

Torque: 94 Nm

So, Ducati does a "really good job", and Buells are underpowered?

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"You're being funny right?"

Yes. It's an endangered form of humor known as "irony."
Re: To quote Gabe..

I'm not sure what the significance of revving to 9,000 rpm is. Could the experts (Sean, Seru, etc) tell me why that's a good thing?
Re: To quote Gabe..

No offense to those guys. I think the folks that have and ride Buells could tel you as well. gbrummett check out his and nweaver was highly critical of the limited power rpm range.
I was more worried about the bike than I was about myself.
It's the delivery of the power and torque that's the issue. See posts by nweaver and gbrummett They can articulate the problem
It's the delivery of the power and torque that's the issue. See posts by nweaver and gbrummett They can articulate the problem
significance of wider powerband

More area under the HP and Torque curve...
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