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Ducati Sport 1000S

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Nothing better on the track

I don't know much about this bike, but I can tell you that I have ridden a lot of bikes: owned, borrowed and test ridden and nothing I repeate nothing felt more natural to me or allowed me to go as quickly around the race track as a Ducati ST3 and 999.

They both felt very natural and I felt at one with them from the get go.
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But...... the top of my application said "C.O.B.R.A."........

I was counting on a cool snake-themed uniform and an aluminium ski mask!

COBRA!!![/i] (raises fist in salute)
Yes, it's doomed to failure. Weak-sister that it is. I bet they'll only sell these to girls and sexually-ambigous "sissy boys". I hope Ducati developed a training-wheel set to go along with it............

Re: Thanks for that information.

I'm sure he's had something in him........

(Oh, Come ON! You know you were waiting for somebody to say it!)
Re: Next Up...

That's "Chocolate Thunder II - Dark Chocolate...."
Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

That helmet will save yer life - but it'll break yer neck and you'll be need a machine to help you poop the rest of your life!

Besides, helmets make it so's you can't hear anything, and they obscure your vision so's you can see anything, and they make yer neck tired so's you fall asleep with a crick in it, and........
Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

Best of both worlds - the 52-degree Hawkie-thing with a "Skuzzy Muzzy" on it........
No, that's Vitriolic Sardonicism - show's how much YOU know......

Oh, like you think he's not one himself?

Have you tried a brad-nailer?
Re: Engine Differences

I had a feelin' - could've made a BUNDLE if only I'd cared-enough to place a bet..............
1 - 10 of 108 Posts
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