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Ducati Sport 1000S

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Nothing better on the track

I don't know much about this bike, but I can tell you that I have ridden a lot of bikes: owned, borrowed and test ridden and nothing I repeate nothing felt more natural to me or allowed me to go as quickly around the race track as a Ducati ST3 and 999.

They both felt very natural and I felt at one with them from the get go.
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Re: Nothing better on the track

There goes my V-Twin dead in racing prophesy.. I guess I'll have ride the tiered licensing and mandatory helmet horse the rest of 07 :)

There is got to be something to what gbrummett says when you see Bayliss beat the inline4s on the Ducati. Too bad the Buell doesn't have those motors..
Re: Nothing better on the track


I thought you were a Buell guy.
Cool Looking

I aways found that the 900ss motor took a long time to warm up and run smooth, especially when they switched to fi. does anyone know if the new 1000ss is smoothed out at all? i haven't been on one.
I know youngster.

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Would that be "Blonde Ponytailed..."?
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Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

The Ducati’s ability to rev another 1,500 rpm more than the Buell, gives the slight advantage of a wider usable RPM range (1,500rpm - 9,000rpm, compared to the Buell's 1,500 - 7,500rpm) and coupled with its six-speed gearbox, allows the Ducati to use closer and shorter gearing. (Note: the Ducati chart’s 2,000rpm start is due to operator error or a cold engine at fast idle –also operator error)

Now, before all you street-oriented low-rpm torque advocates start screaming; take a close look at these dyno charts, not only does the Ducati make more torque everywhere, it carries a higher output in a much smoother fashion all the way through and beyond the Buell's rev limiter.

Aside from overall physical F-to-R length and valve adjustment issues, the Ducati engine appears to be superior to the Buell’s in almost every way... throttle response, tractability, power, torque, usable rev range, etc. Actual fuel efficiency is unknown, but probably quite similar to each other. Keep in mind, these are both perfectly-good engines and just because the Ducati has better dynamic performance, doesn’t mean the Buell is useless. On the contrary, the XB-9sx is a barrel of monkeys. It’d just be a bigger barrel if the Ducati’s motor could fit in the Buell’s chassis.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to the MO dyno anymore, so I can't create a custom overlay chart of the two motors. However, here are the separate charts from the same dyno on different days. The vagaries of density altitude may play a slight factor, so figure +- 2hp for each engine. Ducati DS1000 Dynochart vs. Buell 984 Dynochart

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Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

You still work for Kawasaki? :) Sounds like you miss MO... :)
Bald Ponytailed...
Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

Excellent explanation.. Better than any Motorcyclist or Cycle World explanation by the way
Great, did I inadvertently join an offshoot of the Hara Krishnas?

Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

Throw the 14t CS sprocket on the tall duc and things get much, much better too.
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Thanks for that information.

"Remember, as a BPTB grand pooba, I know all and control all through all my neo-con connections and divine intervention from W."

Thanks for finally coming clean on that.. As part of the GXYSBR, the future of motorcycling, we have long suspected that.

GXYSBR-Gen X & Y Sport Bike Riders
Damnit! where did I put my orange robe?

Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

But then your chain will whip around too fast and wear out! Don't do it!

Use the right oil too!
Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

And for the love of god, DON'T TOUCH THE FRONT BRAKE!!!!
But...... the top of my application said "C.O.B.R.A."........

I was counting on a cool snake-themed uniform and an aluminium ski mask!

COBRA!!![/i] (raises fist in salute)
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