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Ducati Sport 1000S

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Nothing better on the track

I don't know much about this bike, but I can tell you that I have ridden a lot of bikes: owned, borrowed and test ridden and nothing I repeate nothing felt more natural to me or allowed me to go as quickly around the race track as a Ducati ST3 and 999.

They both felt very natural and I felt at one with them from the get go.
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cool looking bike but those clip-ons are unacceptable and why is it $12k when brand new 1098 is only what $14k?

Buell is almost as polarizing as KP. I tell you which of those two would be faster on a nice, tight road. Guess? Ducati looks about a foot longer than a Buell.
Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

corn, peanut, olive or canola? dunno
Yes, it's doomed to failure. Weak-sister that it is. I bet they'll only sell these to girls and sexually-ambigous "sissy boys". I hope Ducati developed a training-wheel set to go along with it............


(Sound of KP jumping into Puget Sound as hero comes out in favor of Buell).
Next Up...

Look out, here comes the "Yeah, I was thinking of getting one of those Buells..." post from the Goat Mamary Prophet.

Re: Splash

LOL So much for JB being my mentor anymore..I know how to make JB feel bad...Time to switch to a Buell critic like Mitch Boheme or my cousin Mark Cook to be my mentor. Just kidding JB.. You are probably right but Sean says the motor in the Duc is superior I have to go with him.. Remember I am the disabled son that Sean never had..
Re: Next Up...

Kbasher, oh couldnt resist
Re: Next Up...

I do have a fondness for goat's milk.. How did you know? I was allergic to cow's milk as a baby.. I do like the black with red wheels big engined Firebolt. I love the looks.. This spring I'll ride one. I got kNinja back from the shop finally last week. First ride tomorrow.. Plan to go 50 miles. My friend with the Triumph Daytona wants me to go riding with him and he goes on long long trips. So I need to start riding longer..
Re: Next Up...

Good katch!
How about a compromise? A pushrod inline 4 would be the ultimate, especially if it had 1934-style Harley exposed valve springs and flying oil spray.
Re: Splash

well the Duc is a superior motor and so is probly a Merlin V12. Problem is neither one will fit inside a 52 in. wheelbase. Kudos once more to EB for making a silken purse out of a saucier... Kudos my children, kudos for all... is it nearly ****tail hour or is it just me?

matter of fact we did a duc 900SS vs. XB9R back in like `02 on MO and then we all liked the XB9S better, so...

does this GT1000 use same old frame? rook rike to me...
Re: Next Up...

"So I need to start riding."

-I fixed that for you. No need to thank me.
Re: Next Up...

Good Katch! ;)
Re: Splash

Ah so you have to actually ride the know...

I getcha you have to evaluate the Buell as total package..

OK you still are my mentor

Colts by 2 touchdowns.. longride cries himself to sleep on Sunday..
Re: Splash

Ah soo, grasshoppah. Indeed, it is total package. All must work together like Union employees...
Engine Differences

He's probably speaking of chassis differences. Also, the DS1000 is a fair improvement over the old 900ss motor. The off-idle stumble and low-rpm surging from the Buell's FI make it a headache around town. Once you get past the motor, the XB's chassis and playful character shines through.
Enjoy the exclusive club, kids, I hear MO is dropping the $11.94 soon and letting in the riff-raff.
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