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Ducati Sport 1000S

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Nothing better on the track

I don't know much about this bike, but I can tell you that I have ridden a lot of bikes: owned, borrowed and test ridden and nothing I repeate nothing felt more natural to me or allowed me to go as quickly around the race track as a Ducati ST3 and 999.

They both felt very natural and I felt at one with them from the get go.
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Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

Problem is that it would probably take more than a tweak. Erik Buell says that very few of the XB engine parts are shared with the original Sportster base. To me that indicates that they've pushed the limit to just about the max, excluding adding more displacement.

I guess they could get rid of the pushrods and add overhead cams but that would take a pretty extensive redesign and probably make the motor too tall to fit. I also wonder if the pushrods are the only limiting factor in regard to engine speed, especially in the bigger bore models.

Perhaps Sean or someone else with more knowledge could elaborate here.
Had a feeling that that would happen. On the bright side, GPTB membership will soar.
Actually more sarcasm than irony, but appreciated none the less, and in no danger of dying on this board!
Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

Yeah, but the Buell makes the superior 45 degree sound whereas the Duc makes the 90 degree sound. Refute that with your Dynamos, Mr. Science Man.
Yeah, but the duc is a metric bike. when you convert for the metric factor, they have about the same wheelbase. Likewise for horsepower, the Italian horsies are much smaller than our American corn-bread eating stallions.
On the not-so-bright side, sock puppetry will flourish now that it's free. Sportbikebandit returns!

78% of all posts will be "You nailed it, ksquid."
Wait a minute, wasn't KPaul "sportbikebandit"?

I thought it went Kpaul to Sportbikebandit to Ksquid when he couldn't use the other names.

Good test Gabe, thanks. Nice lookin' bike but it would be hard to go back to spoked wheels on a street bike for me.
Re: Next Up...

That's "Chocolate Thunder II - Dark Chocolate...."
Hi kiddies - I have the 2006 yellow monoposto sport classic. Only got 1000 km on it before I put it away for the winter. But just so you know, this is one of those bikes that is kind of strangled in stock form. Put on a decent set of pipes, open the airbox and tweak the fueling, plus lower the final drive gearing, and it is a different world. Mostly it is about losing that dip in the midrange. See for example Brad Black's tuning exercise on the 2006 Sport 1000:

It's a shame Ducati can't simply deliver them like that. They have to do some rude things to these air cooled bikes to get them past emissions and noise testing. The DS1000 is a sweet motor once you set it free. For $1200 you can buy the Terminogni exhaust kit, along with the remapped ECU and open airbox cover. A 14-T front sprocket will set you back $40 or so.

Yep, kpaul was sportbikebandit (another of his "kfibs"). I figure he'll invent himself a bunch of new sockpuppets to agree with him.
Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

Loud pipes save lives.
Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

Some of us like the 90 degree thing. Like any V twin, it sounds like it's not really working very hard, but as revs rise, it starts sounding Interested at about the same point that the Harley sounds a little frantic and thrashy. Just one guys view...
Danged Irony detector is going off again. What did I miss?
Re: Splash

Something eminently do-able right now, it seems to me, would be to build a lenghtened, more sport touring oriented Buell using the V rod engine. I've always wondered about that. It's a niche market, but so's the one they're in now.
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Re: Thanks for that information.

You been looking at that photo again, haven't you?
Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

That helmet will save yer life - but it'll break yer neck and you'll be need a machine to help you poop the rest of your life!

Besides, helmets make it so's you can't hear anything, and they obscure your vision so's you can see anything, and they make yer neck tired so's you fall asleep with a crick in it, and........
Re: Ducati 1000 vs. Buell 1000

Best of both worlds - the 52-degree Hawkie-thing with a "Skuzzy Muzzy" on it........
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