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Ducati tests at Kyalami - Honda still faster

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It will be interesting to see if Bostrom can match these time now that he has the tires he whined for.
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Go Honda!!!!!!! Show those Italian bikes what you are made of!!!!!!!
They may not have "bragging rights" or "street cred", but I always knew that Honda had the goods. Go Big Red!

Starving Student
Yes, I'm sure you'd talk this way if you were face to face with this man. Internet squids sure have a lot of guts from behind their keyboards.

And Bostrum came out ahead of the works riders at more than one race last year on the tires he was "whining" about. Feel free to quote an article where Bostrum was "whining" about his tires last year to justify your juvenile hostility.

Then again, I suppose you might be a juvenile, I guess that's the way they talk. If that's the case, I'm sorry to hold you to a higher standard.


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Honda street cred?

I agree wih the bragging rights comment, but wasn't it honda that threw the first superbike out there?

The cb750?

Wasn't the interceptor the first "bullet bike?"

Legitimate questions.

Don't flame me.. the pain!
Re: it looks to me like

Amen brother! The Japanese are famous for reverse-engineering products. They can't build crap otherwise.
Re: Honda street cred?

You are absolutely correct.

However, most squids have an extremely short memory and do not remember anything before the 996 and the R1. Within 2 years, even those will be forgotten with the tetrastretta (or however you spell it) and the GSX-R1000. They also do not look at actual supersport wins (heavily honda-favored) and consider only stats and fancy paintjobs.

I wouldn't flame you about "street cred"--my bike (shadow 600) plus my probable next bike (CB750) have street cred only for practicality and reliability. Not squid stuff.
Honda are still squirming about having to make a Ducati of their own in order to compete with the real thing. When you compare the size of the companies and the budgets involved, it just makes Ducati even more impressive.
yes, ducatis are very nice indeed, but hondas and other japanese bikes are just plain faster, and when im on a sport bike or thinking about one, all i think about is speed and the engineering for other aspects will be very good for a japanese bike also, just as good and sometimes better than a ducati. what im saying is that a ducati will handle good and go fast, but a japanese bike will do everything better. we all know its true.
Re: it looks to me like

if its already been done, what else is there to do but improve on existing technology? please dont make a out your self with thoughtless comments like that one.

proven: japanese bikes are faster and better in every other way a bike can be better. yes they had to build a ducati to beat a ducati, but how come the japanese can build something better than the inventor??? simple my fellow rider; engineering prowess. look at their flag for god sakes, the sun of the world...they thrive on being the best, its that mentality that makes their products so damn deliciously good. mmm, mmm.

Ducati Corse Press Information

Kyalami (South Africa) - Private Testing

26/27 January 2001

Final day of private testing for Ducati's 996R Factory bikes at Kyalami

before the official SBK International-organised winter tests get

underway here on Monday. Both Bayliss and Xaus improved on yesterday's

times but the Spanish rider crashed out one minute from the end of the


The factory Ducati Corse squad continued tyre testing in collaboration

with Michelin, testing new compounds and sizes. Bayliss and Xaus divided

the testing programme which had been planned with the French tyre

engineers. Öhlins brought along a brand-new pressurised front fork,

which was appreciated by the riders because it absorbs the

characteristic dips and bumps of the South African circuit better.

Troy Bayliss immediately improved on yesterday's time after getting to

grips with the difficult and twisty Kyalami track, but Ruben Xaus

crashed out at the end of the session after getting under yesterday's

time. The Spanish rider lost front-end grip on the downhill section

before the final part of the track and suffered a sprained neck muscle

in the incident. An X-ray ruled out any broken bones and Ruben will be

back on track soon.

said Troy Bayliss. .

TEMPERATURE: AM air 21°/ground 31° - PM 27°/45°

WEATHER: clear skies


Superbike: Bayliss (Ducati Corse) 1'43"90 - Xaus (Ducati Corse) 1'44"00

- Edwards (Honda) 1'43"13 - Okada (Honda) 1'43"54

Supersport: Guareschi (Ducati Dienza) 1'47"61 - Thomas (Ducati Dienza)

1'47"91 - Vermeulen (Honda) 1'48"52.
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Italians were Hitlers allies in ww2, didnt apologise either

Remember Hitler's friend Mussolini? Massacred a ton of people in Ethiopia with poison gas and not an apology in sight. So i guess that means we cant buy Italian or Japanese bikes coz they were all bad guys in the war and didnt repent. Well, I could care less whether any of these guys like me or look down on me, I'm too busy having a great time on my bike. The fact that all these guys look down on America, but have to come crawling back to the US kissing American ass to sell bikes in order to survive should make Americans laugh at them instead! Buy the bike you like and to hell with who made it, they gotta kiss your ass anyway.
Re: there are 2 types of riders

Case in point... Bostrom said he went through "12 or 14 bikes" in the first 3 rounds of WSBK last year due to crashes.
What CAN we ride?

America=slavery, repeated firebombing of Tokyo, atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, irradiation of Bikini atoll--so no HD or Buell

Britain=imperial atrocities in India and Ireland--so no Triumph

Germany=Holocaust--so no BMW or MZ

Austria=collaborated with Hitler--so no KTM

Italy=Mussolini--so no Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Cagiva, etc

Japan=Manchurian atrocities--so no Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha

China=Tibetan occupation--so none of this SV650-based bike that a company there is working on

I guess from now on we're going to all have to ride the Korean-built 250cc Hyosung twin. Korea never launched an invasion of another nation.

Or we could all realize that the people building these bikes are not the same people who committed the sins of the past, and we can just go ahead and ride whatever bike appeals to us the most.
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Re: What CAN we ride?

My point exactly.(See my above post) Ride what you want, have a great time and forget all the other other sh*t
Re: Honda street cred?

By the way bafoon is spelt 'buffoon'. Living in a glass house are we squiddo?
Re: don

That's bull. I know plenty of Koreans and they're quite pleasant people. I ALSO know plenty of Japanese, and they're nice and friendly. Same with the Chinese I know.

I go to Tufts University, well-known for its international relations program, so the ethnic diversity and percentage of foreign nationals is quite high. I can tell you that no nationality is prone to racism. There are a couple bad seeds in every group, but 99% of Germans, Italians, British, Japanese, Koreans, AMERICANS, etc are really good people. Grow up and quit pointing fingers. It sounds like you're one of that 1% who DOES judge people by their ethnicity.

Starving Student

One day you will see the incredible irony in calling everyone of a certain ethnicity racist...
Re: Honda street cred?

I just don't get what you're trying to say to to starving student....

Must be because I'm an inferior american..

The point of my post was honda has been a race bike/street bike innovator and champion for countless years, and for them to be glossed over by squids who want everyone to think they fly a faster scoot is stupid. Were it not for the interceptor.. we may still be riding standards with kawasaki style GP fairings..

Anonymous posts make me RESPECT the opinion of those who are too scared for others to even know their name. Who are you? What do you ride?
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