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Ducati tests slowly coming out

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Ken's new "Finagle" looks the business.

If I had more skill and less fear, I'd have one of these.

Ducati 1199 Panigale - Ducati
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I want one too. If I had it, I'd ride it slowly out of my neighborhood...1st gear at 20 mph. Turning right on to Coconut Creek Parkway, I'd upshift to second. At about 45, I'd throttle up and gently lift the front wheel, holding it 18" above the tarmac up to the base of the Turnpike overpass bridge. Then 3rd, hitting 80 by the top of the bridge. Pile on the brakes and stop at the bottom of the bridge. At this point, my back and wrists will be in excruciating pain, so I'd slowly ride back home, sitting up with my visor open. In a week or so, I'd do it again.
I'll see if I can finagle one for you!

I think they have a new "Advil" promotion.
Here's a good article on the Finagle:

Technically speaking: Ducati's 1199 Panigale - Features - Visordown

I have to wonder if the monocoque chassis is going to have enough structural integrity to stand up to the stresses. That 4lb airbox/frame/steering head aluminium "box," seems pretty fragile to hang the entire front end on. And the same is true on the back end for the swingarm; it's all hung on the engine cases; which Ducatis are known to have crack. Sure, it's been done before, but not by Italians.

BTW Buzz: this one has an aluminium tank!
Pfft! Aluminum.

I'm proud to advertise my tank is being destroyed by ethanol.

It's an alternative energy and we can grow our own fuel!

Didn't you hear?
Did anyone actually prove ethanol is the root cause of the tank failures?

If I'd had that problem, I would have gotten a new tank from Duc and immediately coated it with Kreme Tank Sealant. I used that stuff on the Low Rider's tanks, and it worked perfectly for years. Then again, maybe Kreme doesn't work on plastic tanks....
There was never really any admission of what it actually was but it was wink wink at the dealer.

Ducati settled the class action suit by extending the warranty of the affected bikes (gas tank only of course).

My current tank is still nice and snug!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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