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Ducati V4 Streetbike

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Re: Ducati V4 Streetbike

Undoubtedly the worst Photoshopped picture I have seen this year - it looks like they took the original racebike pictures, added in some fake sky and pavement, and digitally slapped a license plate/taillight (an ugly one at that) on it. It doesn't even have front turnsignals!

On a related note, if they can make a V-4 streetbike that sells, more power to 'em. But it would be the biggest mistake they could make to abandon their own unique V-Twin heritage (IMHO).
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Re: One woman is not Enough!

Tina Turner?????

She's in her mid seventies for god's sake!
Re: One woman is not Enough!

.....AND she's been used-n-abused by her ex.

Damaged goods my friend.
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