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Ducati V4 Streetbike

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Re: Ducati V4 Streetbike

Undoubtedly the worst Photoshopped picture I have seen this year - it looks like they took the original racebike pictures, added in some fake sky and pavement, and digitally slapped a license plate/taillight (an ugly one at that) on it. It doesn't even have front turnsignals!

On a related note, if they can make a V-4 streetbike that sells, more power to 'em. But it would be the biggest mistake they could make to abandon their own unique V-Twin heritage (IMHO).
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Re: Ducati V4 Streetbike

The survival or death of V Twin sportbikes rests entirely in the hands of the race sanctioning bodies. There exists only one chance for twins to survive: open engine displacement. The 1000cc Twins will eventually be destroyed by the 1000cc fours. A 1200cc Twin might have a chance.

It is high time for the sanctioning bodies to stop with the random displacement regulations and leave the top classes (GP and SBK) wide open concerning engines. We'll see smooth turbo 600 twins and booming 1200 twins to go along with screaming blown 500 fours and roaring fours.

End the boredom, release the manufactuers to be creative!
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