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Ductai Donates Record Setter to Barber Museum.

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All the cool guys have 2000 ST4's.
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Holy Cr*p!

I knew these things were dangerous! This one popped the poor guys EYEBALLS out of his SKULL!!!

Looks like we need some mandatory Ocular Retention Legislation.

Anyone know the current mileage on this machine? They listed 92K as the mechanical problem, but what's the clock say right now?
Will, I guess that Ducati has definitely moved out of it's "time bomb" period.
Pretty impressive!

Last year two guys I ride with bought ST3's. They are both "older" experienced motorcyclists. Both had previous VFR800 experience. Both traded in their ST3's with extremely low mileage and in less than a year. One guy traded on a Victory 8 Ball?? and the other traded on a Triumph Bonneville. Go figure. I guess they just don't know what they want. Why should I care? I don't know why but it sure makes me wonder.
They got old.
They're not folks from this forum because they wouldn't have traded them in, they just would have bought the new bikes. Except they wouldn't have bought the Victory.
It's cool that Ducati is doing something with Old Red. Gary put over 100k on that bike in about 2 years time. I got my yellow one about a month after he picked up the red one and am embarrassed to admit I have nothing like that kind of mileage on mine.
I'm intriqued by this "Ductai" company. Korean? Do they have a website?
there is a theory that if a word has the right # of charecters and the right leters as long as the first and last leter was right most people will read it fine and never notice. Case in point.
Weil I geass I'm not "mxst peupxl."
I guess I am - I read the title multiple times and didn't bat an eye at the typo.

Pass Schizuki a plate of fava beans and a glass of key-antee...

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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