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Dunlop Daytona testing 0 for 2

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Shame its so wet at Daytona but I am more annoyed that our summer so far down in New Zealand has been crap this year. Far too much wind and rain and not much fun for biking. We have our annual Coast to Coast ride this Saturday so I am hoping for a good day then. Yep we can ride from home to the starting point, do the Coast to Coast and ride home again all in one day. Its about 350 miles for me and that's to cross our North Island about 1/3 of the way up it.


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Mmmm Goat. Natures perfect food.
Hoser! Turbo's not gonna like that - 165 lbs of angry nubian goat is a bad thing - I kid you not :)

You coming out to WSMC this weekend?

Nope, I'm broke and it makes me uncomfortable to go to the races and not participate.
If anybody wants to contribute a new set of 160 or 170 rear and 120 front DOT race or slicks and say $100 cash, I'll see you at Willow.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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