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'Dust to Glory' DVD Review

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I rented Dust to Glory last week and was very impressed with how engaging Dana Brown's presentation is for all 137 minutes. Great stuff.

I give it two thumbs, a knee and a couple of elbows.
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I tried fast-forwarding through most of it to find parts I enjoyed, but overall I thought it was pretty lame. Reminded me of network olympic coverage that skips the action to show "up close and personal" anecdotal filler. "Mario could be anyplace in the world, but he's here at my race!!!!!!!!!!!!" There were short stretches of interesting footage, including the Corona babes, and some film of the scenery was impressive, but I'm just glad I didn't pay to see it in a theatre - I would've walked out.

It was interesting to see how absolutely wacko some of the spectators were - running in front of the racers and standing on the outside of corners, and it certainly showed some of the danger involved - the competitors are definitely gutsy - but I was disappointed.

Just my opinion, obviously, but it demonstrated how difficult it must be to fill 2 hours of screen time with anything that's consistently interesting.
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Loved "On Any Sunday" - especially the humor like the beginning on how people learned to ride and even the corny gasoline lighting of the desert bike; maybe I just liked the characters like Mert, Malcolm, etc. Just good unpretentious fun. Great mix of riding and mischief.

Couldn't even finish "Dust to Glory". Got tired of hearing how tough the race and the riders/drivers were. Of course they're tough and they're incredible, but saying it over and over again for two hours (or at least the first hour I could watch) got pretty repetitive. Just my opinion - not a movie that will be remembered at all.
I saw FASTER and bought it

I saw DUST to GLORY and yawned

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2. Honda CBR600RR

3. 2005 Middleweight Supersports Shootout

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I've never won anything in my life! I'm goin to Disneyworld!
Re: 'Dust to Glory' DVD Review (You still didn't win anything)

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3. 2005 Middleweight Supersports Shootout

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I'll have to rent a copy. Haven't paid much attention to the Baja for awhile, Saw some coverage on MSNBC (I think) which was very poor. Too little action and too much yakking it up with riders/drivers. The Dakar much better now since it's moved to OLN and with the Red Bull team of Americano riders/Robby Gorden featured with an

American presenter (the crazy guy from Speed-don't know his name) a big improvement from the British review from earilier years so I prefer watching it to Baja.

Never could get all weepy about On any Sunday

For my money their is only one motorcycle movie worthy of the name:Little Fauss and Big Halsey.

Really gets down to what motorcycling used to be about before the influx of all these Harly riders who think their s*it doesn't stink because they ride a fifties MC.
Re: 'Dust to Glory' DVD Review (Or...........)

Could be this one too

1. Pete Brissette

2. RC51

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Re: 'Dust to Glory' DVD Review (Or...........)

On the bike review page it's the ( RC-51 [2004 Liter Bike Shootout). When you open the review it says Open Class Shoot Out. So whichever.
Re: 'Dust to Glory' DVD Review (Or...........)

You earned it! I salute your keener eye and sharper mind.
Re: 'Dust to Glory' DVD Review (Or...........)

Man, I was gonna talk trash....something about my Jimmy being bigger. How do you expect me to do that when you give me a compliment like that? Thanks for doing the hardwork for me though. All I had to do was look at the pic. The only reason I found the original pic was because I was trying to find out what year the RC51 in the pic was.
I watched "Dust to Glory" a few months back with Rick "Super Hunky" Sieman at his sprawling hacienda in Rosarito. After the movie we stood around in the garage and payed homage to an ex-Baja '71 8 speed 400 Husky with a few bottles of Pacifico. Seemed fitting.

I don't think DTG will ever have the impact that OAS did. Wrong place, wrong time.

The night time on-board camera bike shots were amazing. I rate it right up there with Derick Bell's "In-Car 959" video.
wow what's it like hanging with super hunky? Does he rail on mexican govt. now, US or both? I think he did more than anybody to set offroad riding in US back 50 yrs—wait, ahead 50 yrs—after that 60 Minutes appearance.

what is cost of living in mexico? do they need ad copy there in Anglais? spill...
1. The staffer was Buzz

2. He was tasting the MV Agusta Brutale S

3. The article was "Streetfighter Shootout Part 1"

4. The File name was"Buzz_After_Heart_MO.jpg" and was captioned "... and Buzz never washed his seat again."
Rick’s way cool. It’s rare when you get to meet a boyhood idol and he turns out to be a normal down to earth guy. I’ve been sending beer-induced stories to (the Don’t Ask column) for a few years now, guess they amused Rick. So one thing led to another and he invited me to stay in his motor home and hang out with the crew for the Adelanto GP in 2004.

He moved to Mexico as he put it "because you can get away with pretty much anything if you keep your nose clean". Rick’s got a giant vacant lot (the size of Disneyland) next to his place that has several improvised MX tracks on it, sand washes, whoops, etc. A dirt biker’s dream. He’s disgusted with dirt bikers in the USA ‘cause they won’t stand up for their rights (after the Phantom Duck-Sahara Club deal went down the tubes).

And about the cost of livin’ in Mexico: We ate about 50 lbs. of seafood at La Fonda with a dozen or so bloody Mary’s thrown in, and the tab was 30 bucks. Can’t beat that.

He also thinks you’re a pretty damn fine motojournalist (said something about "conversational journalism"). Check out Rick’s new website at:

Maybe a new direction for JB?
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I don't know. If you look at who is on the staff my guy pete is listed and Buzz is not.
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