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I'll have to rent a copy. Haven't paid much attention to the Baja for awhile, Saw some coverage on MSNBC (I think) which was very poor. Too little action and too much yakking it up with riders/drivers. The Dakar much better now since it's moved to OLN and with the Red Bull team of Americano riders/Robby Gorden featured with an

American presenter (the crazy guy from Speed-don't know his name) a big improvement from the British review from earilier years so I prefer watching it to Baja.

Never could get all weepy about On any Sunday

For my money their is only one motorcycle movie worthy of the name:Little Fauss and Big Halsey.

Really gets down to what motorcycling used to be about before the influx of all these Harly riders who think their s*it doesn't stink because they ride a fifties MC.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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