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Dyno Shootout: FZ1 vs. Bandit 1200S

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Well, here's the "first post" so now y'all can actually keep things on topic...
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Interesting info. What I would like to see is the ZRX1200 compared to these two beasties.

And that is what they all are. BEASTS! Makes me wonder how far the bike manufacturers are willing to go in the power game.

How long before we see a proper shootout between these machines?

That said, I can't wait to pick up my FZ-1 in the coming weeks.
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So much for keeping things on topic...
Very useful info! I'm a bit surprised at the numbers for both bikes- they're about 8-10 HP higher than I expected. Despite the FZ's advantage, I'm still gravitating toward the B12. The FZ's got (mostly)the right ingredients, but somehow managed to come out ugly. And for the price difference I can complete the package with a set of Givis and maybe a pipe+jetting.
Would like to see how these two would fare vs each other in a top-gear roll-on. Unless I'm misinterpreting them, the FZ's torque numbers seem to indicate that she would out-pull the Bandit, especially at lower rev ranges.
I think the rules should read that the author can't be included on the first post. Therefore, in reality, you didn't get the first post.
I can see that the yamaha takes the hp award here but my queastion is why havnt you tested the zrx1100 in the 2 years its been out?i know its down on power next to the bandit but still why not?and i read that the new 1200 is a monster!115hp and 84lbs at a lower rpm than either of these,well see i hope!and why no zx12r tests?did you guys piss kawi off?
ZRX should do well

but it would be great if Kawasaki would bring over the ZRX-1200S with the half-fairing, to really compete with these two bikes.

But either way, they both look like great fun, with somewhat different personalities. Its shaping up to be a win-win situation, plus the Honda Hornet 929 and the BMW R1150R coming into the picture will help keep competition high and prices (hopefully) down.
Can't wait for the full shootout. The first tests seemed a little lukewarm towards the FZ1, but maybe that's just because expectations were so high. It will be interesting to see how it compares to it's real competion.

If possible, I would also like to see a VFR800 included in the test. I know that this is a slightly different market segment, but then again I have an Interceptor and am thinking about trading it in on the FZ1.

I love my VFR800, but it really could use some more motor. Maybe Honda could bring out a VFR1000 to compete with these new big boys.

I can't wait, either. I don't know about including the VFR (it's a completely different beast, IMO), but including the ZRX makes sense. MO must not have one in its enviable stable of steeds.

I, for one, love the way the B12 looks, but the FZ-1 seems like it's a little more performance-oriented, which is the type of riding I'd like to do (50% twisties/30% commuting/20%touring). In fact, a naked/cheaper VFR would be just about ideal for me! :)

Anyway, bring on the shootout!

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Good for you, mini. I hate having to suffer through the insipid 'Yahoo - look at me!! I just sit in front of the computer so I can be the first post!! Am I cool or what?!?!" Answer: you're not cool and "first post is not a positive addition to the forum. P.s. Yes, I'm and a$$hole and I know it so save your tired flames for someone who cares.
Re: ZRX should do well

Having Honda and BMW as the incentive to "keep prices down" might be wishful thinking. Typically, they tend to be at the top of the price bracket, no?

I figure that they'll be on top of one another like this:

BMW R1150R

Honda Hornet (guessing - no info)

Yamaha FZR

Kawasaki ZRX

Suzuki B12

Maybe Triumph might bring the Speed Triple down, however.. it's high in this bracket, $500-ish over the non-ABS BMW.

- Erston
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Re: ZRX should do well

Do you think that a fully faired version of these bikes with matching hard bags would do well here? I think that more than one ST4 rider would be a little nervous if something like that was to be made (and especially imported here.) Imagine - all (well, most of) the fun stuff of the R1 stuffed into a package that doesn't kill the wrists of those of us that have gotten a little inflexible (uh...that'd be physically, not mentally) and we could put the missus and some overnight gear and tear up the country side. Even better if it could be done on this side of $10,000...........
Now who would think the B12 would be faster than the FZ? All you had to do was look at the specs: more power and less weight for the FZ. As far as top-speed and 1/4-mile the FZ will have the B12 covered.

But geez, you guys have a quirky dyno. Those numbers are higher than normal for the B12, it's usually around 100-103 at the wheel, not pushing 108 or even the 110 you recorded during your B12 review late last year. But thankfully, since you did back-to-back dyno runs on the same machine with two different bikes, at least we have a reference point.

Looks like the Bandit is kicking butt up to 7400 RPM (big midrange is sooooo nice, that's where you will spend the majority of your riding time). But from there, the FZ steams away as its peaky R1 cams kick the ballistics towards redline, and it's goodbye B12.

Sweet. Both are impressive machines as far as I'm concerned. Personally, I think I'm leaning toward the B12.... still has loads of power no matter what you park it next to, looks better (the new B12 is silver is pretty damned fine looking), and seems to be more suited to sport-touring than sport, and that sort of thing *is* my bag baby....

- Matt
Dealers slow to get the FZ-1?

Is it just me, or are the dealers not getting their new FZ-1's in on time? Originally my buddy was told to expect his in March, now it looks like early April at best. And guys on the FZ 1 list are only beginning to recieve theirs around the country. Anyone here recieve theirs yet? All year all I've heard is crap about the new Wing, or the new GSXR1000 (At least THAT was cool) but so far I've heard very very little about the FZ-1, and what I have heard seems luke warm at best, which is not what I expected. Though I'm still waiting to see the bike when it finally arrives. Looks to be a beauty, though I don't think I'll be getting rid of either of my bikes for a new FZ-1 anytime soon. But that FZ is sure gorgeous...
Re: ZRX should do well

Yeah, that sounds right. The outgoing R1100R was at $8,990 w/o ABS, and I'm hoping the R1150R will be the same. Speculation on the BMW lists is that it will be somewhat higher because of the bigger engine, new tranny and brakes. I'd be reluctant to go much higher with the competition that is shaping up in the $7500 - $8500 range.

With a little smaller engine, I'd hope the Hornet wouldn't be over the FZ-1's $8500, but then that might cannibalize Interceptor sales, if it stays at $9500. I also agree that Triumph may have to rethink it's pricing on the Speed Triple, Sprint RS( & ST?).

Still, it's only good news for consumers.
hey minime. Why don't you have crayons and blue's clue stickys at the top for the first post people. Just read some of the comments at the bottom. WHO CARES ABOUT BEING THE FIRST POST!

Personally, I like the FZ1. I didn't like the bike at first but it does grow on ya. When I get older (hehe) I will purchase this bike.
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