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Easy Ride For Autism with Peter Fonda

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Peter Fonda, one more reason to stay off Harleys.

Dennis Hoppers Panhead was way cooler
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They're just showing support for the president!
Re: Yeah!

'Twas Jeremy Slate in "The Born Losers" that set the mold for proper biker behavior. These modern pansies just can't hack it.
Re: Yeah!

You're wrong. It was William Forsythe in "Stone Cold".
Speaking of choppers, I sawr a fool last week riding his "custom" chopper with the rear fender removed! His stupid @$$ was perched on the solo seat not more than 6 inches from that big wide spinning rear wheel. Naturally he was only wearing a do-rag on his pinhead. Have I mentioned now much pea gravel we have on our roads around here? What a fool.

Definitely a Darwin Award in the making.
Re: Yeah!

What? You can't picture Brad Pitt throwing himself onto a barbed wire fence so his buddies can run across his back up the beach? You can't picture George Clooney fighting hand to hand with a bayonet?
1 - 5 of 36 Posts
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