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Easy Ride For Autism with Peter Fonda

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Peter Fonda, one more reason to stay off Harleys.

Dennis Hoppers Panhead was way cooler
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...and while they're at it, they better quit that annoying habit of pulling over to try and help stranded motorcyclists too! What are they trying to do? Embarass people by giving them a ride or pegging them into town to get gas or parts!

If they were a "real biker" like pplassm, they'd just flip the bird, keep on riding, and maybe dump some veterans out of their wheelchairs and spit on schoolchildren when they get into town for kicks. That's what a "real biker" would do. Right pplasm?

If you aren't already familiar with their fine organization, check out

These folks take autistic kids out on surfboards and get some amazing results from the experience. I have witnessed one of their events in person and it is incredible to watch a kid go from kicking and screaming as he gets on the board to just beaming smiles on the way in!
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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