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EBoz No Longer Green

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And the problem with the ZX-10 is what, exactly? They've got a brand-new potentially competitive bike, and they've had more than enough time to throw together a race program for it.

And to think I was actually looking forward to great competition in the AMA series this year. Guess the only decent racing will be on TV and overseas. Frickin' lame.
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i hate it. i think it may have to do with the new superbike rules. months ago kawasaki *****ed about not it. now this. i won't sell my zx7r, but i won't be buying a zx10. kawasaki made a huge mistake that had to be driven by a decision that they could not compete at superbike with the 10. the decision is easy if that is what they think. it would be disaster to campaign a new design with a proven rider and do worse in the standings. so that's what i conclude. the zx10 has something about it that makes it work poorly with this years rules.

now i am going to start looking for a bright green ducati i guess.

good point. you might have hit the nail on the head. kawasaki sucks at motogp but they did say they had to double their unlimited budget to be that slow. so i am guessing they trhink the zx10 will sell on the strength of the motogp effort :) but if you look closely the zx10 has more motogp inspired engineering than the new honda cbr. maybe its not crazy.
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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