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EBoz No Longer Green

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And the problem with the ZX-10 is what, exactly? They've got a brand-new potentially competitive bike, and they've had more than enough time to throw together a race program for it.

And to think I was actually looking forward to great competition in the AMA series this year. Guess the only decent racing will be on TV and overseas. Frickin' lame.
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I just don't understand Kawasaki. Do they just not believe in there new Bike the ZX-10? They have the best rider of all I know he could have won races on it. Hell he won races on the ZX-7R. I have been on my 01 ZX-6R for three years and was ready to buy the new ZX-10R. Eboz made me proud to own my 2001 ZX-6R because he won the championship on it that year. He may have been able to do the same for the 2004 ZX-10R but we will never know. I think now I am going to buy the Honda or Yamaha but I bleed green so that may be to hard to do.
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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